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Posted: 7th July 2005


Can I come out now?

Is it safe for me to come out? For those that don't know, this weekend was my daughter Alex's First Holy Communion and the Reefgirl household is now slowly getting back to normal, so unfortunately I haven't been paying much attention to the world outside.

Now that July is here we're supposed to be looking forward to long hot summer days and we all know what that means – yes, hosepipe bans. For those that have suffered torrential downpours and flash flooding this is clearly ridiculous but that’s the Silly Season for you. Live 8 is over and the G8 summit is upon us, will the most powerful people on the planet have heeded Mr Geldof's plea to Make Poverty History? Or will it be a case of ‘It's not our problem, let Bob deal with it, he did last time.’

Well the Fleet has sailed home, the fireworks let off and the Battle of Trafalgar has been re-enacted. The Trafalgar 200 celebrations brought thousands of people to Portsmouth. I watched from the prime location of the sea wall at work, it got a little damp but the sense of pride didn't.

The summer sporting season is underway and the Young Pretenders are creeping up behind the masters. Andy Murray has Tim Henman's British number one crown within fingertip reach, Fernando Alonso has 5 Grand prix's under his belt and has his hands firmly on Michael Schumacher's crown and who will snatch Lance Armstrong's crown after he retires? Will Lance make this Tour de France number seven or will it be his long term rival Jan Ullrich, or will it be last year's runner up Andreas Kloden, we'll see in 3 weeks time. The Lions are now playing for pride in New Zealand after another test loss. The Ashes are going to be fought for this summer and there is more than pride at stake for both sides.

The hot weather and the fact that it’s exam season seems to have impacted a bit upon our contributors, with the result that this edition is a bit of a Poetry and Fiction summer special. We must in particular apologise to our cartoonists and their fans, as technical difficulties (oh, all right, we're thick) prevent us from bringing you any this week. Hopefully things will pick up soon. Items for the next Post should be with us by noon GMT on Sunday the 17th of July, care of
the Post Team email address

Anyway enough of my ramblings. Enjoy this edition of the Post.


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