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Posted: 23rd June 2005



Yes, that familiar ritual whereby a much-loved and respected figure is shockingly replaced by a callow, untested newcomer has once again been enacted. But while surely no-one doubts David Tennant’s ability to be a truly worthy successor to the excellent Christopher Eccleston (come on, is anyone who knows me at all shocked by the presence of a Doctor Who metaphor in my first Post editorial?), the same probably cannot be said about my attempting to replace Shazz (temporarily, I hope) at the Post helm.

I’m sure we all wish Shazz the very best and speediest of recoveries following her recent illness. Quite how this will affect the Post long term remains to be seen – suffice to say we will be going onto a bi-weekly schedule for the foreseeable future (‘foreseeable future’ in this case extending not quite into the middle of next month!). Even so we will be more reliant than usual on volunteers for help with subediting and coding. The Post is h2g2’s community newspaper, and the community will get the newspaper it deserves.

Anyone wanting to join the Post Team either as an editor or a contributor should get in touch with us using

the funky new Post Team email address
. Material for the next issue should be with us by midday GMT on Sunday the 3rd of July (but ideally as soon as possible). Items about Wimbledon or the Glastonbury Festival would be particularly welcome.

It would be unpardonably remiss of me not to mention all the people who went out of their way in order that this issue could happen in the first place. So – thanks to the Italics for their support and advice, all our regular contributors for coping with my slightly shambolic and frenzied editorial style, and - of course - Reefgirl, my co-editor who’s just too shy to come to the editorial mike. Any credit deserved for this issue is, though, completely negligible compared to the massive gratitude and thanks (not to mention great big hug) everyone who reads or contributes to the Post owes Shazz, without whom we wouldn't even be here.

But what are you still doing in the Editorial? We worked hard putting this issue together, the least you could do is read it…


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