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Welcome to the SGC!

The SAS badge with a camouflaged soldier in the background

Deep below the depths of the Cheyenne Mountain is a US military base called Norad, to the general public it is a surveillance center but to a higher government officials it is the Stargate Command. It takes a lv5 clearance to get through the guards and a lv7 clearance to use the elevator to head down the 700 meters of mountain to the main base of the SGC.

This organization is funded by the United States Government mainly although the SGC has teams of different country's. The SGC was put together to help stop the Goa'uld threat to the Earth due to the Human Species being not very technological against the galaxies scum. There are many SG teams, all with different status and jobs to do in the SGC.

Stargate Command Personnel

General Craxus - Head of the SGC
Colonel Reefgirl - Head of SG-1
Lieutenant MadHank (Jake Blaze)- Researcher SG-1
Lieutenant Peaceandgoodwill - Diplomat of SG-1
Major Bubba-Fretts - Head of SG-3
Captain Nuge - SG-3
Lieutenant Shatterwolf - Heavy Weapons expert of SG-3
Private Ultrapete - SG-3
Tok'ra Operative Hussassan/Faizhar - Head of SG-4
Major Kat - SG-5
Lieutenant Jack - SG-5 Field Medic
Lieutenant Professer - SG-5
Major LeRue - SG-6
Jaffa Warrior Poetpaul - Sg-6
Lieutenant Thanaris Thamian Meridian - SG-6
Major Scandrea - Head of SG-7
Captain HPB - Physicist - SG-7


Captain LeRue - Goa'uld
Morrigan - Goa'uld (It's me but who's counting)
Werekitty - Goa'uld

Click on Brief History of the Stargate to learn more about the Stargate and how it was found.

Brief History of the Stargate

Stargate Teams (SG Teams)

SG-1: Exploration
SG-2: Research and Development
SG-3: Commandos
SG-4: Intelligence
SG-5: Medical
SG-6: Night Ops
SG-7: Scientific Research
SG-8: Engineering
SG-9: Pilot's and Aeronautics

The Base:

Gate Room
Practice Range
Kitchen and Mess
Comm's Room
Medical Bay
Colonel Reefgirl's Office
Briefing Room
Lab 1-Physics
Lab 7b-Remote Sensing
Recreational Area
SG-1's Barracks
SG-2's Barracks
SG-3's Barracks
SG-4's Barracks
SG-6's Barracks
SG-7's Barracks
SG-8's Barracks
SG-9's Barracks

Other Places

The Pentagon

Character Biography

Do you want your character to have a past if so I'll add it here

Capt Le Rue
Major Scandrea
Major Kat
Lt Thamian Meridian

If you want to join us Sign Up

Let us know which Race you'd like to be and what team you'd like join

The 'Bad Guy's'

If your desire is to stop the SGC stop by The Home of the System Lords and become a Goa'uld

Other World's

The Other Side of the Stargate is where you will find the many other worlds the SG teams visit

Please Read

The Rule's and Reg's


Gateworld is an invaluable source of knowledge

Missing In Action

These folks haven't posted in a while so if you are them or you know of them point them my way so they can let me know if they are still interested
Captain Uncle Bob - Ancient History Expert of SG-1
Major Pazuzo - Head of SG-2
Major Dr Anthea - Head of SG-5
Major Khamsin - Head of SG-6
Captain Philshillam - SG-6
Tok'ra Operative Atari/Jullinar - Diplomat
Captain Ariszid - Computer Expert of SG-1
Lieutenant Mizzpinky - SG-5
Lieutenant Vodiodo - SG-5
Captain Geddon - Chemist - SG-7
Major AkronU Pilot - Head of SG-9
Captain Mishy_Mo Pilot - SG-9

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