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Posted: 6thth May 2004


'If everything is ready on the dark side of the moon...'

Well no prizes for guessing where the above quote comes from, but all of the moon went dark last Tuesday night and I have the photographs to prove it!! Not good ones, sort of an itty, bitty little white blob in an awful lot of black, but I have them none the less. It seems strange to us now that people thought that when the moon turned red, as in an eclipse, it was actually regarded as an evil omen. We now know in our infinite wisdom, that it's all to do with a layer of dust and dirt between us and the moon. But whatever the reason, it's still a grand sight to see and I, for one, am always happy to enjoy the fantastic spectacle and maybe, just a little, I can understand why people thought it so fearful. After all it's quite awe inspiring to see the Universe doing its thing...

... And that must surely be a great link to this week's Post; here we are again, doing our thing. New this week is The_Jon_M with his column 'Mancunian Blues', so please make him welcome; I know he will appreciate your thoughts on his work. As will all our regulars and not so regulars, and you can also pop in to 'Word Play' and congratulate the latest Champion, a well deserved win. Now go on and get reading, I know it's what you've been waiting for all week.

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Greebo T. Cat

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