Murder on the Dance Floor

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Overture and beginners, please!

This week's rehearsal was a 'full-cast' affair, concentrating on the opening and the finale,
when everyone will be on stage. While this did mean not a lot of dancing going on, on the plus side
there was a lot of chatting and socialising happening. Which - let's face it - is one of the most
enjoyable facets of being involved in any sort of amateur dramatics group. We whiled away the
time spent standing in one spot while the director sorted out something out the other end of the
stage, by having a competition to see who had the most outrageous photo on their mobile

Change of key

On a rather sad note, the musical director has had to massively reduce his commitment to the
show. Which means that instead of live music all the way through, we will instead be using backing

tracks. And it also appears that I've lost my solo number. Meh. I think I can hear the sighs of
relief from my neighbours, that they wont be subjected to my caterwauling for the next six

Putting 2 and 2 together to make....

Weeeelllll....observant and regular readers of this column will remember how devastated I was
not to end up with a part in 'Stepping Out' last year. The finale of that show will be part
of this year's show (being a 25 year retrospective), and is to be done with the original cast.

Except one of them is pregnant.

....and I knew this.

....and I also knew that they'd need someone who'd already learned the routine, and could pick
up the choreography pretty quickly.

....which narrowed it down to 2 people - myself and D.

So there we were, milling around, waiting to be put into various groups for the 'Circus' finale.
There were groups of balloon sellers, clowns, panthers, and popcorn sellers (I believe I heard
mention of pink hair and mini-skirts as the costumes foreseen for this group, so I had my fingers
crossed that I would NOT be put with that lot!) And there were the 'Stepping Out'
dancers, since their routine is immediately prior to the grand finale, so they get to stay in their
sparkly tail coats and top hats.

The director comes over to me and D, puts his arms around us both, and says 'You don't know
this yet...but come with me!' and puts us both in the 'Stepping Out' group!!!

'I couldn't go through that heartbreak of choosing between dancers again!' He explains, as we
have a massive group hug. And then D and I panic as we realise we've completely forgotten the
routine. And I remember that horrible double toe-tap that I could never get right [ groan ]
Sorry neighbours, you may have escaped my singing voice, but there's some serious tap shoe
practice imminent!

Murder on the Dance Floor

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