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This page contains the archive for the Murder on the Dance Floor series

written by Beatrice (formerly Luckystar) which have appeared in The Post.


 Column Subjects
03.07.03 Preamble
10.07.03 Acting Workshops Begin
17.07.03 Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous
24.07.03 The Tension Mounts
31.07.03 It all goes pear shaped!
14.08.03 Opportunity Knocks!
21.08.03 A Twist in the Tale
04.09.03 The Curse of the Honest
18.09.03 And now, the end is near...
25.09.03 So long, and thanks for all the fish... net tights
29.01.04 Audition Time!
25.03.04 What a week! What a show! What a woman!
06.05.04 Putting 2 and 2 together to make...
20.05.04 Anything and Everything
01.07.04 What goes around...
19.08.04 Material Girl
02.09.04 The Countdown Begins
16.09.04 The continent of Europe is so wide, Mein Herr
30.09.04 Acting the Tart - I Mean, Part
14.10.04 Roll Up! Roll Up! - (un)Happy Feet
21.10.04 2 Weeks and Counting
28.10.04 Final week of rehearsals
18.11.04 And now, ladies and gentlemen... it's Showtime!
10.02.05 Dancin' In The Street
17.02.05 Special Laser Edition
31.03.05 Special Adult Edition
23.06.05 Rosie goes to Luxembourg
29.09.05 It's Ireland - of course it's raining! What a Jem
09.10.08 Murder on the what-now?
20.11.08 Strictly Sequins!
04.12.08 Nine Ladies Dancing
22.01.09 Wind: a breath of heart
05.03.09 Modern Ballet
14.05.09 Back to school
11.06.09 Backstage with a sound engineer
25.06.09 A Cornucopia of Shows
26.10.09 Whispers to my Footsteps
23.11.09 Cups of Tea in Church Halls
30.11.09 Luck be a Lady
14.12.09 St Andrew's Ball
22.03.10 A Busy Week
26.04.10 There's no place like home
10.05.10 Back to school - again!
05.7.10 Swishing
01.11.10 Trilogy
29.11.10 Having a Ball
07.11.11 Westside Story vs Romeo and Juliet
30.07.12 A New Dance (Create Challenge)
01.10.12 Life in London
12.08.13 World Police and Fire Games Opening Ceremony

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