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Who are those guys?

Dancing rehearsals have been subject to slight delays, as the choreographer is usually yelling something in German to a bunch of teenagers on stage, as they mime to a souped up version of Knights in White Satin, and try to remember who's supposed to go where when. Then, recognition slowly dawns on us tappers - these are the Luxembourg equivalent of Hear'Say, having won the local Pop Stars TV competition last year. I wonder if it would be distinctly uncool to ask for their autograph. In the end I buy a copy of their single and get them to sign the picture sleeve. It's for my little niece you understand!

Final steps

The choreography of both Happy Feet and the Finale is now complete, although not yet quite up to speed. It's enormous fun doing the 'old classics', like step-kicks in a line, or making train noises (with our feet, not our mouths...)while doing piston actions with our hands. You can almost see the think bubbles rising from our heads, as we pretend to be Ginger Rodgers or Ann Miller.

Jostling for position

One of the girls used to be a professional dancer, and the choreographer usually gets her to stand in front of the class, or checks the steps with her. But she's on holiday this week, so he's been asking me to do those things instead. Whilst I'm thrilled to be singled out, it's a bit nerve wracking going through class knowing that 20 pairs of eyes are on your feet. Good practice for stage fright, though... and it's a greater enticement to me to do some practice!

Dates for your diary

The song and dance number, Steam Heat, will be performed during a café-theatre run from 10-13th September. I bought a fabulous panama hat in the sales that I'm dying to wear in this number! For those of you who can't make it to Luxembourg, I'll try to get some pictures to put into this column.

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