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  • 03.07.03

    Accounts of the summer party are sprinkled through this week's features, which also includes Luckystar on dancing and Terry Teadreg on leaving your lover. Harry Potter is the subject of one of this week's three h2g2 poems, Eustace is suspended, the Bookworm Club take a look at Gormenghast, So Long and Thanks for Laughing has a very topical look at tennis jokes, and we kick off a new regular feature - The Rugby League Report.

  • 10.07.03

    More fiction this week, with the welcome return of Titania's The Dark Times. h2g2 Life looks at weekend activities, Small Screen Surfin' reviews The Animatrix, the Bookworm Club take on the much-anticipated Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix and the Hootoo Home of Today is about moving. Plus a bumper selection of features, including Clothes Shopping (man's worst nightmare) and Useless Hound on the Hampton Court Flower Show. Plus all the usual regular stories, cartoons, jokes, thought-provokers and pure entertainment.

  • 17.07.03

    Another wonderful collection of cartoons with h2g2 Life, Cat-egories, Paper Cuts, Underneath and the Cartoon Corner. The regular section is once more bursting at the seams with 24 Lies A Second, Doghouse Tails, Small Screen Surfin' and Through the Doughnut Hole to name but a few. The Features section is bulging as well with the Summer 2003 Caption Competition, Body building, Murder on the Dance Floor, Idiot Box, Smudger Snippets, Auction: Lot No. 42 and Crackle.

    In Fiction we bid a sad farewell to The Edge, but to cheer us up we welcome the start of a new poetry regular, Tales from the Toy Box.

  • 24.07.03

    It's the Regulars turn at the top of the page, and we have all the usual suspects including a wonderful Dr. Funderlik's Regular Grunt entitled, Rhubarb, Ontology and the Lash and God dances on his cloud in In Other Words. There's more than one enjoyable read in the Features section this week including a letter from The Virtual Reinhard and PaperBaby's Grand Arrival. The Fiction section is fuller than ever with the introduction of two new works of fiction. Life, Death, Policemen, and the Mole of Woe by Peregrine and The Final Appendix, a part work story based on a very familiar world. Finishing off this week with the Cartoon Section, a lugh a minute and no mistake.

  • 31.07.03

    The Features section starts off this weeks edition with the usual mix of banter, serious reading and competitions. There's some wonderful poetry on offer this week in the Fiction Section, with offerings from Hypatia, Witchone, Smudger and Ameuc. The Cartoon Section has all the rugulars, including a Cat-egories that is rather homesick. Finally the Regular Section which is missing a few articles this week as our wonderful writers go away for some well earned R and R. Don't miss Mr. Inquisitor's interview with Vercingetorix and the review of 'High Society' by Ben Elton in The Bookworm Club Review.

  • 07.08.03

    This week we lead with the Fiction Section which mixes prose and stories so that there is something for all to enjoy. Don't forget to take a look at the final episode of The 168th Greatest Story in the Universe - A Tribute. The Cartoons are next, with h2g2 Life and Paper Cuts to name but two. In the Regular Section, Awix takes a look at Terminator 3 in 24 Lies a Second and there's a Very British Rant in My Life as a Boozy Oaf. Last but not least is the Features Section, where an old Post Reporter returns to give his view on Football on h2g2.

  • 14.08.03

    The Features Section comes to the top of the page this week, with Advice and sympathy from quizzical about being Hot! and
    26 Miles And 385 Yards In Paris. There's some great work in the Fiction Section as well including a poem called 'Winter' by Wulfric, well worth a read. All the regualars are here in the Cartoons this week, why not give Underneath The Surface a look and see what you have been missing. In the Regulars we introduce something new The Cranky Gardener and Murder on the Dance Floor gets a new permanant place. Also we enjoy the welcome return of 45 Words and Word of the Week.

  • 21.08.03

    This week we start with the Regulars which include a couple of great sporting efforts with Sporting With Egon and the Rugby League Report. In the Features, Abi reveals the Winners of the Summer 2003 Caption Competition and LuckyStar tells all about the Stockholm Mini Meet. There's a nice selection for you to read in the Fiction category and h2g2 Life takes a short break this week, but please do enjoy the laugh from the rest in the Cartoon Section, you won't be sorry.

  • 04.09.03

    If cartoons are your cup of really strong tea then this week you are in luck, with five of them gracing this weeks edition. In the Regulars section there's a Bank Holiday Rant in My Life as a Boozy Oaf and also with a rant this week is Small SCreen Surfin'. This week we have four wonderful articles in the Features Section and we have all the usual suspects in the Fiction section including a fantastic episode of The Dark Times called The Coming-of-Age Ceremony.

  • 11.09.03

    This week we start with the Regulars section and Awix has two offerings this week with his weekly cinema 24 Lies A Second and his semi-regular Meet Mr Inquisitor in which he interviews A Broad Called Ben. There's five in the Features section, including The Hand Maiden's Tale by Trout and Core Curriculum by Pinniped. We nearly over flow with fiction this week, with something for everyone and last but not least the Cartoons, sadly missing 'Underneath' this week, but h2g2 Life, Paper Cuts, Cat-egories and Cartoon Corner are present to brighten up your day.

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