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Posted: 14thAugust 2003


Sunny days and cloudy nights

Once again the chance of watching the Perseids Meteor Shower alluded me. The clear night skies of last week disappeared behind a sheath of cloud, keeping the intense heat of the daytime sunlight in and obscuring enough of the sky to make the spotting of shooting stars not an option. Oh well - there's always next year I suppose.

The unusually hot weather here in Europe has certainly inspired and affected a few of our regular contributors. Some are finding it difficult to stay indoors close enough to their computers to write their columns - so apologies come from the Bookworms for not managing a review this week. If the heat is getting too much, why not drop along to the 'So Long' link and laugh at some ice cream jokes?

Sadly, The Post Team have to bid farewell to MaW who took on the role of Assistant Deputy Editor recently. He has found that, now he has stepped into the world of 'work' rather than 'university', he no longer has the time required to fulfil this demanding post. Thankfully he is still determined to write his popular serials. We wish him well with his new career and thank him for his assistance in the past. Please note that requests for Announcements should now be addressed to ShazzPRME.

Elsewhere in this edition we are pleased to welcome Hypatia with a wonderful new series tackling both gardening and recipes. Jodan is given the 'Mr Inquisitor' treatment, we see the welcome return of Demon Drawer and 'Mole of Woe' reaches its stupendous climax. Greebo may have taken a break but she has still managed to produce something guaranteed to drive you all crazy and quizzical shares some sympathy and useful advice. With plenty of cartoons, serials, sport, reviews, poems and features, The Post is, once again, the perfect summer read!

Finally, Abi wants you to know that the Summer Caption Competition is now closed and she will be revealing all the winners in the next edition of The Post.

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