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A Mini Hootoo

Armed with her trusty Enid Blyton1 and one or two other dusty tomes, Terri couldn't resist making contact from somewhere in the UK where she is currently enjoying sun and (probably) cocktails.

So this edition is an abbreviated version, containing the more popular parts of her usual column.

Firstly, try taxing your brain with another teaser from Enid herself!

A bunch of Hidden Summer Flowers

There are six flowers, now to be found in the fields, hidden in these sentences. What are they?

  1. Friends or relations will be welcomed at the old school concert
  2. The gardener is taking a quick nap; weeding seems to make him sleepy
  3. We are soon going to camp; I only hope it will be fine
  4. The dog rose up quickly when the children called him
  5. Joyce and Eric love running races
  6. I like velvet, Charlie likes cotton, Hilda likes silk

Now something from our old friend Boothby2:

'The glasses fill with generous juice,

As generous as your mind;

And pledge me in your generous toast,

The whole of human kind.'

Daniel O'Connell

Rum Shrub

'To one quart of the juice of sour oranges add sugar to taste and one quart of Jamaica rum. This drink must be put away in a cool place for some weeks before using, as it improves with age3.'

As for the cool place it isn't London at the moment and it certainly isn't Angouleme which is currently 45 degrees, according to Yoda.

And this week's motto4 is:

If you've something to do

And it's hard to begin it,

Set right about it

And don't waste a minute!

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1Enid Blyton's Book of the Year.2The World's Drinks and how to mix them: The Hon Wm (Cocktail) Boothby3Most things do - spimcoot4from Enid

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