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That's 45 degrees celcius, I take it? Anyone know what that translates into farenheit?


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smiley - ok

Divide 45 by 5 = 9
Times by 9 = 81
Add 32 = 113

So 45C is 113F

smiley - smiley

shazz smiley - thepost


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Bloody hot is what it is.

3000 "officially" dead in France at the last count.

Next weeks H.O.T (rough draft done on train travelling across France) will go into more detail on this.

No one seems to realise the extent of this; for a start off, if you enjoy a decent glass of French smiley - redwine, forget about the 2003 Bordeaux, it's dead, alongwith the livelihood of those who grow it.

Not to mention the smiley - sheep.

Lots to say on this, but later.

Merci for reading and commenting, squeak soon.


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