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Posted: 17thJuly 2003


It seems that the British weather is keeping to its reputation, of being something worthy of conversation.

I woke up this morning to an ominous rumbling sound, with my bed in the Lair vibrating wildly. Thinking absently that maybe I had overdone it the night before with those wonderful spiced doughnuts only obtainable from the small doughnut seller up the road from the Post Office, it then dawned on me that the rumbling was coming from outside. I drew back the curtains expecting to see grey skies and lightening, instead it was bright summer sunshine and a grinning face peering in at me from the road, as a large sweaty man, jerked violently up and down on the end of a Pneumatic Drill.

Yes, indeed, who would have guessed that 7:30am would be the best time for digging up the road, only a few feet from where I sleep. The Lair unfortunately only has a door and three windows facing one way, towards the road, but to keep the noise to a comfortable level they all had to be shut, causing a build up of heat only comparable to living in a small hut, in the middle of an island on the sun.

Fortunately, it seems that the men with their rather loud machinery seem to only work half a day, and they were gone just after mid-day. Just in time for the sun to start beaming its jolly face straight into the windows, allowing no heat at all to escape.

And now as the day draws to a close, the thunder storm that I thought I had heard in the morning has arrived, crashing and bashing, streaks of light racing to earth, and raindrops the size of, well, very large wet things that fall from the sky. It is starting to cool down at last and I for one am very, very grateful. I just have to hope that when I draw back my curtains tomorrow morning, the outlook will be less noisy and with far less grin involved!!

Finally, please join in the fun of the Summer 2003 Caption Competition. Every week for the next 5 weeks you are being given the opportunity to submit funny captions to pictures taken at the recent h2g2 Offical Meet - and win some wonderful prizes!

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Greebo T. Cat

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