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Ode to Summer

Summer's garden -

Spring's promise fulfilled

Life at its zenith

Once shy buds open

Into flamboyant display

Merrily stretching for the sun

Basking in golden, nurturing rays

Turning this way, then that

Displaying petal, leaf or fruit

To best advantage

Challenging each other

To contests of scent and hue

Unselfishly bringing forth life

To nourish life

Summer's voices -

Nature's symphony

Calls of fledgling songbirds

Auditioning for the morrow's sunrise

The gentle fluttering of

Butterfly wings

The inebriated buzzing of

Honeybees drunk on nectar

Frogs and crickets

Chattering squirrels

Laughing children

A primeval chorus

Always changing

Always the same

Summer's daughter -

Mankind's solace

She cares not that

All too soon

Will come the swirling winds

And the bitter frost

Turning green meadows brown

And blue skies grey

She holds the warmth of

Glorious summer days

Deep within

So that in the grip of

Winter's chill

We gather around her

And she fills our world

With sunshine

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