Murder on the Dance Floor

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The Tension Mounts

Murder on the Terasse

The night before the final acting workshop, we had a barbecue at the director's house. I decided to go for the Dannii Minogue look - silky combats and high sandals, cute Tshirt and slicked back hair. I was also
determined to wear my new Panama hat, despite protests from all those forced to travel in the same car as me. On arrival, I discovered that my daughter and the directors' already knew each other, which I felt was a good omen. The food was great, the wine flowed - a bit too liberally. I was interrogating everyone I talked to about who their choices were for the final cast which, in retrospect, may have been, shall we say, tactless. My son spent most of the evening 'helping' in the bar area, possibly so's he could get to hear all the best jokes.


I had to face the final acting workshop with an industrial strength hangover, and a very vague recollection of the latter part of the previous evening. We were given the instruction to start talking gibberish (Oh, why couldnt we have done this last night when I was fluent in it!) After a bit of a practice run, the task was to stand on stage individually and 'sell' a product. In Gibberish. I sat in the audience, admiring my fellow thespians and their ability to do this seemingly impossible feat, even if it did sound like a cross between the Fast Show ('Scorchio!') and the Swedish chef from the Muppets. And I thought to myself 'I don't want to do this. I really really don't. I'm going to get out of my seat, walk to the door at the back of the hall, pausing only to wave a sympathetic farewell, and just leave.' But I didn't.

Character Building

The final part of the workshop brought us to the actual play for the first time. The director had noted down which parts he thought each of us most suited to, and called us up two at a time to do some improvisation in those characters. It soon transpired that his choice for Mavis, the main role, was between me and the girl who used to be a professional dancer. I've been mulling this over in my head ever since, trying to steel myself to the strong possibility that I won't get that part. And there don't seem to be any of the other parts that I'm right for either.

I think at this stage I'd just feel relief.

Dates for Your Diary

The song and dance number, Steam Heat, will be performed during a café-theatre run from 18 - 20 September, not as previously informed. Stepping Out will be performed during the week of the 17th November.

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