The Village de la Vavoom's Second Annual Harvest Festival 2003

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Volunteers wanted!

    Volunteer/s wanted for:
  • The Vegetable & Fruit Competition

If you'd be interested in hosting the competition above, or even something completely different of your own choice, then please start a conversation over here

Thank you!smiley - smiley

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Village de la Vavoom

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Graphic Ants

The village green; north side of the river

Conveniently located fairly close to, but upwind of, the portable loos, is a small tented stall. Most of the tent space is taken up by crates of bottles. It's the Wine Tasting & Cat Rescue Stall hosted by U139239

The Home Made Wine Competition tent is awaiting the arrival of its distinguished sommelier U190397

The Cake Competition tent is hosted by U200042. Inside you can see tables covered with immaculately white tablecloths, plates, forks, napkins and a box filled with prize ribbons.

    This is what you need to do if you want to take part in the competition:

  • Create an entry, describing your cake in detail, including the recipe for it.
  • Remember to give the link to the entry when you present your cake for judging.

The Beer Tent is a very jolly looking red-and-white striped tent with all sorts of bottled beer and a smiley - magic tap that allows just exactly the draught beer of choice to be pulled - and poured into one of the immaculately polished glasses, hanging in large numbers overhead. The Beer Tent is sponsored by The Great Outdoor Hotel, Hostel and Bar

The One And Only Hati's Ice-Cream Stall hosted by U127053 is a colourful stall that looks like smiley - rainbow with ice-cream in all possible colours and flavours, ice-cream made of milk, cream, yoghurt, juice, ice-cream with all those funny and weird extras, soft ice, even salty ice-cream with ham and cheese.

The Vegetable & Fruit Competition stalls are awaiting not only the arrival of a host/hostess but also the very finest and most outstanding examples of this year's harvest!

Inside Jodan's Dunking Booth you see a U201497
with a very revealing swimsuit sitting in a chair that is hovering above a tank of extremely cold water. To the left of him is a (very) small button that you throw balls at to drop Jodan into the water. So buy a few balls - all proceeds go to the Fund to Buy Jodan More Clothes!

And then, of course, there's the Hot Dog smiley - hotdog Pop Corn smiley - popcorn & Cotton Candy Stall run by none other than U189338 with the help of U185194!

The village green; south side of the river

In the south-west corner of the village green you can see a big tent, stalls and caravans - it's The h2g2 Circus!

In the south-east corner, far away enough to be out of hearing range, you'll see some chairs and tables, and a stall serving some yet-to-be-specified liquor... it's the h2g2 Pun-A-Thon!
smiley - groansmiley - laugh
It even has an aspirin stand, run by the hostess U171729 who also provides earplugs and hearing aid battery removal service. There is also a huge block of oak for banging your head into when you feel you can't take any more...smiley - injured

    Press stop - latest news!

    The Punathon has now been settled, and the winners are:

  1. It's a tie! U176638 and U139239
  2. U202125
  3. U200477

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