The Great Outdoor Hotel, Hostel and Bar

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A warm welcome to all travellers - whether exited and about to embark on your holidays or weary and dusty on the return.

The Lobby

The lobby is spacy, nice and splendidly decorated. A huge fish tank is built into the wall - showing a splendid scene from the coral reefs, with fish in all the colours of the rainbow. The faint bubbly sounds has a calming effect and makes you relax nicely.

The rooms - and how to get one

The hotel rooms are down to the left and the hostel is found further down the hall. Please use the "Discuss this entry" button service to check in - all you have to do is boldly show the number of your room AND whether it's in the hotel or hostel. May we kindly suggest something like "Hotel Room 1775" or "Hostel Room 8"...?

The Bar

Oh - the bar. Yes, of course... Just over there... *points* - though you can also enter by way of the main page. It does serve smiley - redwinesmiley - smiley

Anything else?

You get your towels from the wee happy yellow man: smiley - towel

If you could maybe let us know when (if ever) you check out, that'll be fab smiley - ok.

Enjoy your stay...smiley - smiley

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