Letter to the villagers of Village de la Vavoom

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Greetings fellow villagers - and regular visitors!

I hope that you have all had an enjoyable summer, with holidays or vacations or other nice things (and if you haven't, have a smiley - and a smiley - ).

The time for bringing in the harvest is rapidly approaching, and so is the time for another Village de la Vavoom's Annual Harvest Festival.

The first festival took place last year at The Village de la Vavoom's First Annual Harvest Festival 2002

Well, in order to really make it annual, we need to have another one, right? So... I was thinking the first weekend in September but there's quite a lot of work needed for the festival to be successful so...

Volunteers wanted!

We need stalls, we need staff, we need entertainment, we need big burly men with bulging muscles and...smiley - Ahem! Sorry, I got sort of - uh - distracted...

Anyway, if you're interested in participating, please post over here and tell me how you'd like to contribute:


(for ideas, check last year's festival)

or start a conversation at this entry, stating in the subject line how you'd like to contribute to this festival!

Thank you! *curtsies* smiley - smiley


Yes, I mean you at the Crossed Purposes and the BOF Inn!!!

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