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Power to the People!

Everybody needs their own space. A space seperate from the rush, harshness and most of all politics of the modern day world. For many people the world over that space is the bedroom. A place for you, and perhaps a select population, to relax away from the rest of the world.

But there's a problem. Your bedroom is not quite your own. It is still part of the political world, and therefore you are not entirely free. There is, however, a solution. You can declare your bedroom 1a People's Republic, and join the United Bedroom Confederacy (UBC). Who knows, get enough members and we might even appear on the map.


Equal Rights for Socks!

Odd socks

The members of the UBC express concern to the treatment of socks in the world. Many are miss-treated, unappreciated and forced to spend their days in a heap under the bed. Sockism cannot be accepted in a forward thinking society. Members of the UBC must be prepared to grant asylum to miss-treated socks, especially the ones that are lost in the washer. Together, we will erradicate the monstosity that is sockism.

The UBC International Anthem

smiley - musicalnote

United Bedroom Confederacy
United Bedroom Confederacy
La La La La La La La La
Equal Rights for Socks!
smiley - musicalnote

The Members of the UBC

StatePresidentCapital CityPopulation
The People's Republic of RoadkillU185550 Hangover 1
The People's Republic of UncU216863 Heap 1, give or take 1
The People's Republic of Mad Classicists and Old Apple CoresU223622 Sirmio 1 girl, one cat, 3 spiders and 12 plastic ducks stuck upside down on the ceiling.
The People's Republic of Fantasy and Sci-Fi PostersU228493 Iaun Gwelyth
1 + a whole load of imaginary people
The People's Republic of DraconiaU186743 Terpsichore One plus all the penguins that will fit
The People's Republic of People (and yeast)U227497 Sock Drawer Mullet, and all the yeast he is attempting to grow in a jar
People's Republic of Oh My God Aargh What's ThatU219274 Omgawt The prez, a few spiders, and an egg with one eye called Dave
People's Republic of Get this Mouse a Desert Princess U231227 at present, though Nonametraveller wants to take over Sepulchre City Aproximately 300
The Nomadic Tribe State of 98 Neon U232333 Dashboard 1 with 0-3 hitchhikers
The People's Republic of EntholeU204758 Moot Approximately 42
The People's Republic of Star Trek and Books U237809 Procrastination Unknown
The Sock's Republic of Wonk U236130 Cozychairopolis The President, 811 pieces of paper, 3 sketch pads and a ceiling fan. And of course the socks.
The People's Republic of Asprin U540408 The Head All the cells in The Head
The Sock's and People's Republic of our Dark AllianceU236276 Dopple The President, 420 people, 600 socks, a rogue washing machine, a dragon, 6 feet of yarn, 12 bouncy balls, the Presient's computer, gray paper and a slipper
The People's Republic of Anarcho-Syndicalist FreedomU5161892 LibertyU516189, 200 socks (though only 20 pairs) and several bookcases worth of books
The People's Republic of Inner Nothingness and Cucumbers Queen U2359043 Bob City One sleepy U235904, 1 pair of socks on the floor and a "Rule the World in 80 Days" book
The One-Person Republic of Something or OtherU250656 NydewbU250656, a drawer-full of socks (one of them missing), and many many piles of various books, notebooks, papers and such things which the President fully intends to sort one day, but not right now. New addition of Canuck the moose (present from a Canadian friend), Ozzi the koala (present from an Australian friend) and the George the hedgehog (not a present, bought at Bushkill Falls)
The People's Republic of FunkinessU573523 Quilt Books, and evil duck, sandpets, Brain and Tonto the fish, the three tenors (more fish), random socks and one girlfriend.
The Republic of Just-Five Minutes MoreU179462, Dunja is the Vice President Pillow 1 human (most of the time) and several cuddly toys4 namely Dunja, a horse, a Snoopy, a big and a small "Little Mole", a lion5 , a dachshound, a sheep and a really big snake.
The People's Republic of Unoriginal Names6U569587 Gap The Population is whoever happens to be inhabiting U569587's mind at any given moment, but generally includes: approx. 3.76 trees 7, 72 books, of which 71 are probably heavy-duty scientific ones, and 1 will probably be written by Bill Bryson/ Douglas Adams/ Dave Barry- this will also be the only one that U569587 ever reads. There's also generally a dog of some description, and U569587. And sometimes people come in, but there are forms for dealing with that.
Peoples Republic of Perculiar Habits and Abnormal Students U535655, with Mr. Potato Head as Vice PresidentFandom Desk One student, Mr. Potato Head, four glass fish and two FBI agents
The Rubber Band Ball Republic of ElasticityU561419Rubber Band Shelf8U561419, a growing colony of rubber bands which,together,form the supreme ruler of the room, Prote, the rubber band ball and a healthy population of spare socks to do the balls bidding.
The Republic of Random Bits of PaperU206198Heavy-metal-coming-from-the-speakers-at-full-volumeU206198 and U206198's computer9
The People's Republic of AnachyU536123AtlantaOne human, an intermediate number of socks and two televisions
The People's Republic of Mooooooooose-niaU775410BloopU775410, 12 sea faring chickens, an infinite number of trans-dimensional socks and several pots of mayonnaise.
The Republic of Coren (because he said so)U568442 The Aragorn Poster Esty, Coren, many, many stuffed creatures, the Poster, Esty's hamster, over 128 books (at last count), Esty's pathetic CD collection, whoever happens to be in Esty's head besides Coren at the moment, and Esty's many mismatched socks, when they aren't strewn all over the house.
The People's Republic of Eltonia Lead by The Nobody In Particular Kabal (who have a tendecy to prefer smokey boardrooms filled with fellow henchmen, some with robots, some without arms). Which is lead by Chairman U811024EltoniaPopulation- No census can be taken as there are no census takers or tax collectors, but for the sake of argument take the populations of Japan, China, and Abu- Dhabi and divide that by 999,999,999,999 or the amount of dimples on a golf ball. You should get a fairly good idea from that.
The Lace Free State of Upper Front Bedroom President for Life Craggs10Unknown2 lava lamps, a Jack Russel Terrier, 6 books and an out of date copy of the Radio Times
The Peoples Republic for Aliens Cal of Trog Caldonia1 Alien, 2 socks (not a pair), 1 dog (snowy), 1 baby (scott), 2 Cadbury's cream eggs and a smiley - panda
The People's Republic of wine lovers, twitchy tail songs, leaves, and pointy ears
A loose confederation of earthworms, grapes, and honeybees11Wild Abandon, All ye who enter here (otherwise known as WAAyWEh)
At least two cats, copious trees and plants, 10,008 avians,a mysterious mannequin, some humans, a few dragons(one blue, one green, one?)
The Republic Of The Point Of No Return...U623736 and U623736's Lumo Sox! Somewhere, Out There, Above The Brown, Brown Carpet...U623736, 1 cat, 3 aliens on my roof, 48 socks (happily married), 2 estranged socks, a couple of angry horsemen running through my head, a colony of odd bits of paper, and way too many dust bunnies to count!!!
The People's Republic of WaylesU1182639Sardiff1-3 humans

The Republic of So-Fa
Whoever is wearing the green hat, though normally U110126CushionNo more than 5 humans provided they don't wriggle too much

The AnaRchy of Bed
Supreme Leader U1464973Eiderdown2 mammals at most (a human and a cat)

United States of B and H
Dictator: Mrs. LeviPuma Prime Misnister: U1540171 Minister of Socks: Vicotrhino the smiley - blackcatNew Sock 2 humans, 1 cat, 3 packets of B and H and 3688 odd socks

The People's Republic of Beachyness
U1685894Bookcasia 1 human, a seasonal nomadic tribe of socks, several plastic and real spiders, things that glow in the dark and fuzzy toys.

The UBC Dictionary

The UBC believe that longer words are better than shorter words as they generally sound more impressive than their shorted counterparts. Consequently, a list of terminology is being constructed.

Join the Revolution

Declare your bedroom a People's Republic today. All you need to do is follow these simple instructions.

  • Use the box below or start a thread to declare your bedroom a republic and apply for membership of the UBC
  • Name your People's Republic
  • Name your state's capital city
  • Give details of the goverment of your Republic, for example who is President (probably yourself)
  • Detail the population size of your Republic, for example 1 human, 73 socks, a cat and a cardboard cut-out of a medium sized penguin.
  • Give all socks world wide the respect they deserve

I hereby declare my bedroom a republic. Equal rights for socks!

"Defending socks since May 2003"

Disclaimer: Nothing here should be taken seriously.

1Or another area of your choice2Well, not President exactly but makes all the desisions3A republic with a monachy? Well, why not?4So what?!5Or is it a puma?6Also known as "Fred"7In the form of paper with half-started stories on them8Contains the ball and its lesser subjects which were too small to qualify for the ball.9And occassionally U206198's cat and girlfriend10 See u84319711See U896420

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