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Application for the UBC

Post 2301


Setting up a paper re-cycling business? Could work smiley - biggrin

Application for the UBC

Post 2302


I'm good with recycling - I'll shred it.

Application for the UBC

Post 2303


I think I can manage pulping it smiley - biggrin

Application for the UBC

Post 2304

Lady Pennywhistle - Back with a vengeance! [for a certain, limited value of Vengeance; actual amounts of Vengeance may vary]

And then we'll paper-mache it into something artistic, and voila! You have turned your paperwork to money!

I have such good ideas sometimes, I surprise myself... smiley - laugh

Application for the UBC

Post 2305


I hereby declare my bedroom a republic. Equal rights for socks!!!

Anarchist state of salmon/ refuse to swim in the same direction as all the others.

state capital is: silk comforter but on occasion it is moved to the pillow

no one has elected me but I am the on online so today I am making the decisions- amberscot

population:, socks we haven't had a census in several yrs but they are everywhere! allkinds, single, mated, fuzzy, polka dots, plaid, etc...
books, bears, pillows, one burned out light bulb, we really need to do a census

If it wasn't for socks...I would not be the person I am today!! long live socks!

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