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Have you ever seen a horse drinking alcohol? Where's P.E.T.A. when you need them?!?!

Welcome to the Southwestern US Researchers Group! We recently held the Colorado Conference of Mixed Nuts and March Hares, March 15-17, 2002 in Denver, CO.

Researchers who attended the Meet-up

Jedi Jade3
Arlecchino4 (*)

Marv the Grate5
Montana Redhead6 (*)

Fraulein Grafenberg7 (*)

Irving Washington8 (*)

Amy Pawloski9 (*)

Asteroid Lil10 (*)

Dragonfly11 (*)

Zonker12 (*)

Thog13 (*)

Pssst! Your name could be here!

Note: (*)'s denote those who were there in spirit...

Calling all Southwesterners! If you'd like to be listed as a member on this page, post to the "Sign Me Up" forum below. Honorees welcome!



The newly re-appeared Irving Washington (Flagstaff)

DarkElf (Phoenix)

AZnights (Mesa)


Soeasilyamused (Los Angeles / South Bay)

The infamous Colonel Sellers (Inland Empire)

Here by persuasion, Amy Pawloski
Mistook sea for a Brit14 (but she forgives him), Captain Venom
No longer the rookie, Courtesy38 (Irvine)

No longer our newest member, Mamba Wamba
Another recruit, Myjo (Los Angeles)


The one and only Dragonfly
Jedi Jade (and her daemon, Thras)

Anwaith (Denver)15



New Mexico

The newly Southwestern Asteroid Lil
Words just cannot describe JD (Santa Fe)


The BoFH Apprentice Marv the Grate (Salt Lake City)

The mysterious Zonker (Salt Lake City)


The ever lovely Gw7en (Once of Denver and Salt Lake City, now in Texas - but we'll keep her on the list anyway)



Utah Moab

Our Birthdays!

Amy Pawloski - Dec 28

Anwaith - June 20

Asteroid Lil
Captain Venom - Oct 28

Dragonfly - Feb 22

JD - Mar 6

Fraulein Grafenberg
Gw7en - Dec 22

Irving Washington
Jedi Jade - Apr 3

Marv the Grate - Sept 21

Montana Redhead
Sea - Nov 4

Zonker - Oct 6

Not from the Southwest?

Not from the US?

If you can't find a Researcher Group for your area, why not start one?

1Wallflo--er, nut!2Hazelnut3Nougat (hey, it sometimes has nuts in it!)4(not a nut - yet)5Left hand threaded fine machine nut6Salted Nut Roll7Peanut Butter8Coconut9Filbert10(not a nut - yet)11Salted Peanut12Macadamia nut13Xilagedhajjarah Nut
14Not that it's a bad thing, mind you!15Where did all these Denver researchers come from?!

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