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Despite popular request, here's another helping of hidden word puzzle. The last literary-themed one seems to have kept you all quiet (did anyone have a go?) If you haven't seen one of these before, then you'll need some instructions to follow. I shall say this only once...


Below, you'll find two lists. In the first list you need to spot the titles of classic novels. Well, I say classic - a few of them are 'modern classics'. In the second list you need to find the surnames of their authors. In each case these are hidden within the titles of h2g2 Edited Guide Entries.

The length of the hidden title/author is shown in brackets, so, for example, if an entry in the first list was...

Gallipoli - the Battle (6)

...then the hidden novel would be "Lolita". The letters appear in order within the title:

gaLlipOLI - The bAttle

This novel's author would appear somewhere in in the second list; for example it could be in the entry:

Lord Byron - Mad, Bad, and Dangerous to Know: Live Fast, Die Young (7)

...which contains the author (Vladimir) "Nabokov":

lord byroN - mAd, Bad, and dangerOus to KnOw: liVe fast, die young

Before You Start

There are 20 novels and associated authors to find. Some novel titles contain more than one word. I've ignored spaces, capitalisation and punctuation. Finally, the lists are scrambled, so N1 isn't necessarily the novel written by author A1.

Good luck!


N1C - the Programming Language (9)
N2Creating Believable Fictional Worlds(8)
N3Mindfulness (4)
N4Risk in Industrial Society - Some Case Histories(7)
N6Tenacious D - the Band(6)
N7The American Beatles Albums: The Canadian Albums(9)
N8The Burning of the Columbia-Wrightsville Bridge - American Civil War(11)
N9The Cambridge Footlights(6)
N10The History and Music of the Libera Choir(10)
N11The Reign of Queen Elizabeth I of England(6)
N12The Romans in Britain: Towns and Villas(10)
N13The Rose and the Drinking Game(10)
N14Things to Do if You Are Stuck at London Heathrow Airport(10)
N15Trick Pitches in Baseball(7)
N16UK School Crossing Patrol ('Lollipop' men and women)(11)
N17University of Bristol, UK(5)
N18Vanderbilt's Folly - Origins of the Pennsylvania Turnpike(10)
N19Washing a Car for Under $2 at Suds-on-Sixty in Vermilion, Ohio, USA(10)
N20Who Was Mohammed?(5)


A1Bellevue, Iowa, USA(6)
A2'Bergerac' - the TV Series(6)
A3Changing a Sump Gasket on a Mk4 Ford Fiesta(7)
A4Dinosaur Hunters(5)
A5'Gladiator' - the Film(4)
A6Guitar-related Injuries(6)
A7How Old Is Your Cat in Relation to You?(8)
A8Jim Jarmusch - Director(7)
A9Journey into Space(5)
A11Masculinity in the Movies(6)
A12Mel Brooks - Director, Actor, Writer and Producer(8)
A13Sambo's Grave, Sunderland Point, Lancashire, UK(7)
A14Scales in Music(5)
A16The Black and White Photography Process(9)
A17The Jolly Roger(6)
A18The Rex Cinema - Berkhamsted(7)
A19The Shagbark Tree(6)
A20Women's College Basketball(7)

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