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The forty-fourth page of Past Issue links with a brief description of some, but by no means all,
the excellent articles featured.

  • 24.01.11

    The Post wrestles with Barlesque skin, but joy abounds in Dmitri's garden, in Vip's Canadian adventure, Emma's homeward leg, Phoenician Trader's meal in Singapore, and on Calum's Road in The Gambia.

  • 31.01.11

    The worrying news that the BBC is looking to "dispose" of h2g2 brings a response from the community. Dmitri, Minichessemouse and Elektra rise to the "Hamster Ate My Homework" challenge.

  • 07.02.11

    Mr Inquisitor puts Paul Goodenough on the spot about plans for hootoo, while Dmitri, Jordan and Awix put their points of view on the site's future. Tavaron has designed some hoopy T-shirts that we all want to wear! The King's Speech gets a round of applause, but we wave farewell to Entry of the Month. Hopefully it's just a temporary hiatus.

  • 14.02.11

    The future of hootoo continues to be a hot topic, and Mr Inquisitor asks Z all about this community consortium stuff. Phoenician Trader relishes a Parisian feast, Galaxy Babe has a dream come true seeing the Aurora Borealis, and MinorVogonPoet gives a Beowolfian response to the Hamster challenge. Awix reviews 127 hours, and Icy North has one of his intriguing "spot the country" quizes.

  • 21.02.11

    It's hunting season, as MMF does a scavenger hunt, Icy North has some more hidden words, and Bomba and Malabarista turn twitcher. There are reviews galore - Awix sees True Grit, Gnomon reads Badolino, and Minorvogonpoet tries Engleby. Haragai has composed a moving Ode to the Community.

  • 28.02.11

    Phoenican Trader takes us to Italy, Awix predicts the Oscar winners in Tinseltown, and Galaxy Babe wonders if ET could get in touch. Prof's waiting at the bar, h5ringer has opera news, and Dmitri says farewell to his father.

  • 07.03.11

    Elektra experiences Romanian New Wave cinema, Awix meets an alien, Gnomon reviews 'Surface Detail', and there's the next episode in the Max Rebo series.

  • 14.03.11

    It's a small world: Amy gives a minute-by-minute account of the impact of the Japanese tsunami on the Pacific coast of the States, Bel's back from her Turkish sojourn, and Phoenician Trader is in London's West End. Awix wonders if 'The Adjustment Bureau' will live up to its billing.

  • 21.03.11

    Awix shares his thoughts on Battle: Los Angeles, Happy Nerd sets out the Unified Guide Theory, Dmitri has a theory about rats and squirrels, and Rod shows a guest round the top of South Island.

  • 28.03.11

    Pinniped proposes some economic policies, Icy North battles with a soap dispenser, Galaxy Babe looks forward to a year of stellar anniversaries, and Z sums up what's been going on with the h2g2 community consortium (h2g2c2 to you!)

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