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Posted: 7th March 2011

Standing In

Our usual Editor's on holiday this week, flying her kite in Turkey. I'm on holiday next week, but Bel locked me in a dark room and said she'd make me miss my plane unless I stood in and edited The Post this week. So what could I say? My hands were tied. To the radiator. smiley - tongueincheek

Speculation, machination and deliberation are still ongoing about the future of h2g2 and what shape it will take. In a recent issue of The Post, we linked to some of Tavaron's T-shirt designs made to promote the site. The woman keeps on going; if, like many, you find Barlesque soporifically corporate-looking, have a look at some of the skins herself and Malabarista have designed for possible future use. Ah yes, customization. Do we really want a hootoo that looks like the blandest site on the BBC rather than one each user can make their own? There are arguments for a 'work-safe' look and feel1, but if we're going to have bland, let's have it because we choose to, not because we have no choice. smiley - zen

Anyway. We hope you enjoy this slightly slimmed-down issue of The Post. The regular Editor will be back for the next issue, by which time I will be in hiding before she finds out the state I've left the place in.smiley - run



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1Not that hootooers ever skive at work. Oh no.

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