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Tenacious D is a comic rock band that comprises two members. Jack Black and Kyle Gass are two very immature Los Angeles comedians who make up the band, and they use their humour to make up funny songs that twist old forms of rock to get cheap laughs... and it works.

Jack Black, star of the film Shallow Hal, does mainly the vocals for most of the songs while Kyle Gass spends most time on the guitar.

What makes their first album, Tenacious D, special, is the way in that the CD has been compiled. Starting with a song, the next track is followed by a sketch leading to the next merry tune. Although it's now become a familiar technique for cool movie soundtrack albums, in terms of everyday rock albums it's a tactic that's more reminiscent of the comedy albums of the Monty Python, whose albums were sketches interrupted by songs. The formula seems to work because, at the time of writing, 'Tribute', the third track on the album, had been on top of Kerrang TV's1 'Most Selected' list for eight weeks.

Here is a quick summary of the songs on the album:

  • 'Kielbasa' - The introduction.

  • 'One Note Song' - Technically a sketch as it is mainly talking but does have a tune...

  • 'Tribute' - Jack and Kyle relive their experience of meeting Satan (David Grohl of the Foo Fighters plays him on the video) on a 'long and lonesome' road... Threatened to play the best song in the world or have their souls eaten, so they do. This is the tribute to that song.

  • 'Wonderboy' - The telling of the adventurer, Wonderboy and his arch-nemesis Nasty Man.

  • 'F**k Her Gently' - The 'song for the ladies, but fellas listen closely'!

  • 'Explosivo' - Don't know what it's about... and neither do they!

  • 'Dio' - Time for an old rock star to move on...

  • 'Kyle Quit the Band' - Exactly what the title says...

  • 'The Road' - Jack recounts his love for the road.

  • 'Lee' - The song to a friend... called Lee!

  • 'Friendship' - What being a friend should be... apparently!

  • 'Karate' - Jack goes all karate on Kyle...

  • 'Rock Your Socks' - 'It doesn't matter if it's good as long as it rocks'!

  • 'Double Team' - It's about... ahem... a double team...

  • 'City Hall' - Jack and Kyle take on the government...

There are also songs around the Internet by Tenacious D that don't appear on the album from their live performances. The best one of these is:

  • 'I'm the Only Gay Eskimo' - A variety of impersonations are used by Jack including Elvis and Oasis to sing this song about the only gay eskimo in the tribe. A strange song that contains a lot of 'blubber' jokes!

It's obvious that their music isn't for young children... but it's funny all the same.

1Kerrang - a popular music magazine and television show in the UK

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