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There are quite a lot of programmers on H2G2, So we kind of gathered up and made a little place to hang out and talk unintelligibly.
This is a place to get help on Programming and Computer related issues. Questions about technology, APIs, general programming issues, mental support for users of Borland C++ Builder and anything else you might need can be found here.

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There's a University Project on Programming. Go check it out, see if you can help!

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Member Contribution:

The members of the corner are the ones that make it so great. This is the place to find links to articles, tutorials and guidance, contributed by h2g2 resarchers of the corner.

Visual basic Tip
How to get the status of the printer By Is mise Duncan.

Programming Resources:

If you know of any online books or resources for programmers, Send the link to [email protected] and it will be added. In time this will be a different entry linked from here, but for now it's small enough to be a header.

Thinking In C++ 2nd Edition is a grat C++ book, and can be downloaded as a PDF and HTML formats.
Thinking In Java 2nd Edition is a grat Java online book, and can is available as a PDF, MS Word 97 Document or HTML page.

Listed Programmers:

This is the Directory for the Programmers who share the corner, Sorted by order of joining the corner.

1.Dancer - [email protected]:
Languages: C++, Pascal, VB, Assembler(8086)
Platforms: Win95/98/NT/2000/CE, DOS
Technologies: CORBA, OpenGL, MFC, STL, VCL, OWL ..........
Other: Matematical formula parsing/solving/calculating, XML Parsing, Compilers
2.Bossel - U132240:
Will help with Pascal and Assembler Problems as happily as he helps everybody with any other possible type of problem.
3.iaoth - U147672
Languages: C/C++, Pascal, a bit of Assembler (80x86) and a bit of PHP
Platforms: Win9x/Me/NT/2k, DOS, Unix
Technologies: STL, Mode 13h
Other: Neural networks, graph theory, sorting, searching, OOP
4.Researcher PSG - U110126
Languages: C++, C [But I did it a while ago], Motorola 6800 Asssembly language, Oracle SQL and a bit of Perl
Others: Basic experience in HTML
5.spelugx - U183117
Languages: C/C++, Z80 Assembly, 80586 Assembly, Basic (should I admit to this?), Fortran (a little), Perl, Python, bash, SQL, Forth, Basic (Visual Basic, QBasic), HTML, Java, JavaScript, VBScript
Projects: Writing an operating system.
Journals: CUJ, MSDN Magazine, DDJ.
Other: read the first three chapters of The Art of Computer Programming.
6.26199 - U26199 (dead giveaway isnt it?)
Languages: BASIC, C, Delphi/Pascal, Java.
A Computer Sciance Student at Cambridge, will be happy to sit, looking puzzled, over any programming enquiries people care to pose.
7.DoctorMO - U178086
Programming Languages: Visual Basic, Basic, 80486 Assembly, Pascal and CGI
Platforms: Dos 3 to 6.22, Windows 3.11, Windows 32 ALL!, Linux (little bit)
Technologies: (What?) but I love Int 10h
Other: Icons, Graphics, Engenering, Databases, Object Theory, HTML, RTF Help Formatting (JIC), (Making windows32 do unspeakable things on low end PC's)
8.Peet - U38364
Languages: Assembler (6502, 6809, Z80 and 68000), Forth, BASIC, a little Pascal
Other: HTML, Javascript
Platforms: BBC Micro, Atari ST, Amstrad CPC, IBM PC (DOS, Windows and Linux), Apple Mac, Palm Pilot
9.Psycho Monkey dragged through a Vortex backwards
- [email protected]
Knows: For now only plays with HTML but is in the process of learning C++!
Defenitely the youngest in the corner, and will be called among us CK (the Corner's Kid) because his name is so hard to write all the time smiley - smiley.
10.Hobbes - U181778
Languages: Visual Basic, C, C++, PHP
Other: My main strengths are in OS support, I am an MCSE and CNE so any windows/NT/novell networking type problems then I am your man.
11.Marjin - U178834
Languages: OS/370 assembler, Netview clist language, REXX.
Platforms: RS6000 some unix, rexx and perl.
12.MaW - U55669
Languages: C++, Delphi 3, Java, POV-Ray and PHP. Also some Haskell, Perl and Tcl/Tk, plus a few other things only dabbled in.
Technologies: A bit of knowledge of the MFC smiley - yuk through work, Using SQL databases (especially MySQL) through PHP, GTK-- GUI toolkit (which is so much nicer than MFC, and it runs on a decent OS too).
Platforms: Mostly GNU/Linux. C++ and Delphi on Windows (C++ on Linux as well, much nicer smiley - biggrin).
Other: I'm a Computer Science student, so I'm learning more all the time!
13.Croz - U96736
Platforms: Lots of experience with Amiga Workbench 1.3-3.5 (either real Amigas or WinUAE). Some experience with Win 95/98/Me.
Languages: Blitz Basic (Amiga and PC versions), Java/J++, some C++
Other: Basic experience of HTML and Flash. Experienced with Dpaint and PPaint (Amiga), and to a lesser extent with PShopPro (PC)and Photoshop (Mac as I can't get the Windoze version to run smiley - sadface).
Specialty: Getting Amigas online (like this one I'm using at the moment smiley - winkeye)
14.Twinkle - U153916
Languages: QBasic, Visual Basic (Just a bit), Javascript, HTML, In process of learning Java.
Platforms: Linux (Red Hat 7.2), Window$.
15.some bloke - [email protected]
Languages: ASIC (a variant of BASIC), HTML, Java, JavaScript, Bash, C, C++, CSH, Perl, SQL, PL/SQL, Lex and Yacc. I have some understanding of LISP, Scheme, Smalltalk, Pascal, Ada and Fortran, but no practical experience (in approximate order of learning).
Platforms: DOS, windoze 95/98 and Linux.
16.Dogster - U153452
Primary Languages: C++ (Visual C++ and DJGPP using Allegro mostly and DirectX a bit), Basic (Visual Basic, QBX, AMOS Basic)
Others I can use a bit: C, Java, JavaScript, Amiga Assembly
Platforms: Win9x, DOS, Amiga
Interests: Games development (see the links to my webpage on my userspace)
17.Tango - U32077
Languages: BASIC, C++, Javascript and HTML
Platforms: CPM (really old, used on Amstrad PCWs), DOS and Windows 9x
18.Garak - U183059
Languages: Fully versed in HTML, Basic DHTML
Others: In the process of learning JavaScript, Interested in learning C/C++
19.Lucinda (et al) - [email protected]
Languages: Java, C++, VB, but interested in various weird languages like Intercal and such.
Platforms: mainly windows at the moment.
Interests - AI, and games too sometimes.
20.Emyr - U178203
Languages: BASIC, Delphi5, (some)Javascript, HTML.
21.Pastey - U45177
Languages: PHP, MySQL, Javascript, DHTML, XML, Plain English (In that order)smiley - smiley.
Platforms: This Planet, Windows.
Interests: Hating Black & White with a vengence since I just can't seem to finish the last level, Too much alcohol than can possibly be good for any human being and a penchant for cookies (the edible type)
22.Anonymouse - U40077
Written: CP/M, COBOL, BASIC, HTML (plain, not fancy)
Spoken (though not necessarily fluently): Java, C
(or show me the code and I'll muddle through)

Platforms: VAX/VMS, *ix (do I have to mention M$smiley - yuk?)
23.Felonious Monk - U108659
Languages:VB, PL/SQL, UNIX shell scripting, VB Script
Platforms: VAX/VMS, Windows 2000, COM, COM+, Oracle 8i, Sun Solaris
Special skills (useless to anyone outside my rather rarefied industry and forever condemning me to a cosy job in pharmeceuticals): chemical programming toolkits such as Accord & MDL, scientific systems architecture, yada yada yada...
24.Moonglum Clampflower - U182207
Languages: Masters HTML, A bit of Visual Basic.
25.castaway - U185455
Languages: BASIC (BBC Micro/Acorn Electron smiley - smiley, Ada, Miranda, Fortran, C, Delphi, Java, LISP, Perl, VB/VBA (mainly at the mo) - Some more fluently than others, willing to have a bash at anything and everything.
Platforms: Electron, Linux, AIX, HP-UX, Windows of all flavours, Psion (!), anything else you care to throw at me ..
26.Not-so-paranoid android - U171333
Languages: Pascal, a little bit of Visual Basic, HTML and SQL. I also know quite a lot of Spectrum Basic (anyone else remember that?)
27.Pete - U151654
Languages: C, C++ (still learning), Pascal (only bits of it and a bit of Object Pascal), BBC BASIC (nice but primitive), Vis-a-hell Besick (through Computing AS level), very very basic Scheme, Inform(a language for writing interactive fiction). Also some HTML and (of course) GuideML.
Platforms: POSIX (ok, Linux), Win9x, RISC OS (but not currently).
Technologies: OOP, Gtk+
Other: Looking to become CS student. Have B grade at AS level computing but am no longer pursuing course. I don't recommend it: do maths instead.
28.Alberto - U185667
Language: Java, C++, VBA
Database: data modeling, Oracle
29.Potholer - U92580
Main: C, C++, x86 Assembler, Postscript
Learning: HTML, PIC assembler (since 09/01)
Expired: Basic, 6502/6809 assembler, Pascal, Forth, (Prolog?)
Platfroms: PC (DOS/Win9x/WinNT), BBC Micro, VAX(VMS)
Interests: Electronics, imaging, hardware
30.dynamex - U179775
Languages: Pascal, Delphi 2 & 4, Java. Tampered with some C++.
Learning: Assembler, C++.
Technologies: TCP/IP, OOP, WIMP and tile-based games.
Platforms: Windows, MS-DOS, Linux.
Other: HTML, CSS. Made an IRC-client.
Interests: Making nice object hierarchy and planning my code too much.
31.C Hawke - U91473
Languages: VBA (a bit,) xBase (a fair bit), Avenue (wot's that - well something I'm learning and is to be replace by VBA in the next relise of the package, ArcView, that uses it) and a bit of HTML.
32.aka - U178815

Languages: Javascript, HTML, WML, GuideML (bit obvious really..) Basic...

Learning: Still learning javascript smiley - smiley

Platforms: Windows, umm....

Interests: Spending hours and hours on something that needs to look good when in the end it's not going to be used by many people and even if, not for long smiley - erm In other words I can be a bit of a perfectionist! smiley - biggrin
33.Jonny - U178874
Languages: Visual C++, Visual Basic, HTML
Also I like using Lego Mindstorms and C++ together.
34.Ausnahmsweise, wie ?blich - U178874
Languages: Currently Java. In the past, lots of C, some C++, various assembler, NATURAL, FORTRAN, FORTH.
Platforms: Windows, OS2, Unix, OS/390.
Areas Worked In: Embedded, Life Safety Systems; Developing ODBC Drivers; Factory Systems; SECSII (Semiconductor Business); Enterprise Application Integration (AEI); B2B; JCA (Java Connector Architecture); Some Imaging.
Locations: UK, Germany, U.S. (Texas), Canada.

Not a lot of Web related experience yet. Learning J2EE, Enterprise Beans, App. Servers. Spoiled when it comes to System and Network Admin. Always had excellent configuration specialists who have done it for me.
35.stu... - U185424

Languages: HYML, javascript

Platforms: Windows 95/ME
36.xyroth - U149792

languages: html, bbc basic, C, 6502, z80, 6809, 68000, 386, forth, lisp, bash & ms bat scripting, logo, plus other obscure languages.

platforms: in order of preference, linux, msdos, acorn (various), amiga, win31, zx spectrum, win95, loath win98, won't touch winXP.

projects: website development, universal language tranlator, conceptual programming language specification.

location: boston, lincolnshire, UK.
37.Sir John Luke - U187544

Languages:- RTL/2 (wot's that, I hear you say), SQL, Access, VB, ASP, C, and several archaic assemblers (anyone remember the PDP/11?).
38.Jerms - U188226

I've just finished a second year doing a BComputing and Mathematical Sciences at Waikato University, New Zealand. I'm currently working(For the CompSci Department, at said University) on horrible MFC stuff, using VC++ 6.0, developing software for the new Usability Laboratory.
39.Is mise Duncan - U96742

In descending order of experience: VB5,Win32 API, Sybase, Oracle, VB.Net...erm...notepad smiley - erm
40.Queex Quimwrangler - U33834

MSc Software Development.

Java, S-Plus, UML
41.Barkiel - U189823

Languages: C, Pascal, VB, BASIC

Platforms: Win95/98, DOS, C64/128, VZ-200 (old Heath/Zenith),Linux (newbie)
Technologies: Sledge hammer (Troubleshooting Tech)
43.The Tetsujin - U111484

Dos web engineering. server side stuff in php/mysql. also getting good at design.
44.The Rogue Researcher - [email protected]
Name: Nick
Description: AS Level Computing Student just getting into programming
Languages: HMTL, QBASIC, a little PHP, can canibalise other people's Javascripts
Platforms: Windows 95, 98, ME etc
Other: Keen on webdesign
Projects: Figuring out how to recreate this pants game I made with my grandad years ago, my AS Coursework, learning PHP and integrating it into one of my websites, trying to make sense DarkBASIC from the trial I downloaded and seeing if it's worth buying.
45.Krans J. Hopeson - U125985
Languages: Java, PHP, SQL (ODBC/MySQL).
I'm a bit of a frustrated programmer - I've only actually succeeded in writing one genuinely useful program (http://
46.A huge all seeing pulsating eye - U191246

Languages: Visual Basic (strongest), Java, HTML, Prolog, C++ (weakest) and everything RDMS, ASP too but emmm I have advanced knowledge of it (a really good book) but haven't implemented any yet.
I hate databases but somehow, thanks to the cruel hand of fate, I seem to be working full time on them. Thankfully VB and VBA behind the scenes programming combined with a nice pay packet keeps me somewhat happy !!!
47.Hornbeck{ACE} - [email protected]
Main: C, HTML, XBLinux
Work in progress: Just about any other language
Hobbies: Preaching Open Source, Yoyoing, Learning Esperanto
Other: If you would like to just drop me a line bout anything, weather I can help or just send you in the right direction, or if you just want to talk.
48.Pond_Rat - U181667
Languages: BASIC - we all started somewhere, COBOL, VB, PL-SQL, PASCAL
Currently Using: Progress 4GL RDMS both GUI and Character mode.
Work: Analyst/Programmer and DBA
OSes: UNIX - the way the world should be, Win 3.1-2000 incl.
49.LexWest - U190794
Languages: HTML, Javascript, BASIC (Mainly Dark Basic)
50.maleminx69 - U171726
Main language is C (for microcontrollers), but dabble in assembly, C++ and just started visual basic! cheers all!
51.Calcnerd256 - e-mails: 1, 2, 3, 4
Languages: Basic (C64 and TI-83+), HTML, JavaScript, (learning TI-83+ Z80 Asm), (learning Java), (learning CGI), (learning C++), (learning Flash internet media), (might learn GML)
Platforms: Win, TI-83+
Other: Go to, it's my father's site.
52.Jesi - U189693
Languages:Perl, Java, Haskell, Scheme, C++ (all in some state of progress)
Scripting Languages:JavaScript
Markup Languages:HTML,DHTML
Platforms:Linux(Suse,Mandrake,)Windows(3.1,95,98,ME,NT)Solaris(8,9)Chorus(in any combination with Solaris)KDE and various other shells.
Other:Uni student so still learning and enjoying it
53.Carne the unstable writer - U196325
Languages: Java, C, C++, wee bit of Pascal, HTML (Yes, I know it's not a programming language, but it IS a Language ), JavaScript, sure there's a few more, but those are the major ones.
Programming environment of choice: Linux consol
Editor of choice: Vim (no, I'm not looking to start a flame war about editors. It's just FYI).
54.Alex - U195614
Languages: Basic, Action script, Logo, Java scipt, Html, Gml
Platforms: Win9x/Me/NT/2k/xp/anythingwindows, DOS,
Other: like building a robot that comes in a magazine which at the moment doesn't work
55.Captain SpankMunki - U195006
Languages: C++, Delphi, Pascal, Java, VB, shell scripts, Z80, PICassm, AutoCAD VB, HTML
OSs: M$, Solaris, a touch of Linux
Experience: 2 years at Marconi/BAE SYSTEMS
Current Projects: Camera and alarm monitoring system.
Currently Using: Java
56.Ionizor - U185766
Computer Languages: Perl, Some x86 Assembler, Several BASIC variants, DOS/Windows Batch, C, Some C++, Some Pascal, Some Java, JavaScript, LOGO, Some PHP, A Bit of Unix Shell, VBScript, XHTML, XML
Platforms: x86, HP PA-RISC
Operating Systems: Commodore BASIC, DOS, Windows 3.x, Windows 9x/ME, Windows NT/2000/XP, Some RedHat, Some Slackware, Some HPUX
Prefares: IDE: Notepad, HTMLEditor: Notepad, Computer Language: Perl, Specialty: User Interfaces
Windows 3.x, Windows 9x/ME, Windows NT/2000/XP, Some RedHat, Some Slackware, Some HPUX
Prefares: IDE: Notepad, HTMLEditor: Notepad, Computer Language: Perl, Specialty: User Interfaces
57.SteveD - U185766
Languages: C, C++, Pascal, ADA, ATLAS, SABRE, REBATE
Platforms: Windows 32, Unix (Solaris)
58.Santragenius V - U185766
Description: Just the kind of guy who isn't supposed to do programming in his w**k but can't keeps his dirty little fingers off them anyway
Languages: VBA (+ a little VB6), HMTL, beginning to get the idea of JavaScript. In prehistoric times also Basic, Comal, Pascal, Modula-2.
Platforms: Windows
Projects: Mainly using MS Office programs together (as in Access reporting in Excel from a Access VBA module)
Other: Webdesign (looking forward to getting Dreamweaver at some point), trying to find a program that will give me an infinite amount of time on my hands....

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