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I'm a BBCi Tester, and have been involved in the testing of SSO, DNA and (partially) ican. I first arrived here from h2g2, and have seen the evolution of DNA from that single site, to the latest, iCan. Good luck!

Salve , have you written for the edited guide yet?

Salve! Just what do you think doing here, ? Now remember not to test things too hard .

Salve , have you visited h2g2 yet?

Wizard by DoctorMO

Welcome to my cave, which is set in the impressive surroundings on a hill side with a maximum visual magnitude of near 6! Although the south does show the light dome of the nearby city...
IRL I am a poor dweller of that city and suffer for it. Badly.

Little yellow creatures looking up at a shooting star

Hello, I'm Spelugx. I'm 18, and I've just finished four A-levels - Maths, Further Maths, Physics and Chemistry. I am reading Mathematics this year at Cambridge. When I'm not studying hard(!), I'm messing about with computers.

Some of my slightly weaker skills are rudimentary school Latin and French, and art and design. And I'm a dreaful Perl programmer.

You can either leave a public or a private message for me.

I have a small website where I've got some DNA related stuff. I also have a personal website about cabbages.

smiley - batsmiley - batsmiley - batsmiley - bat
KillerThorMr GrinSaber tooth

Names supplied to me by U183120

Programming Projects

  • Hoobot - The original vision of the hoobot was an autonomous agent performing various analysis tasks on h2g2. So far the hoobot has only existed as some perl code, which has since been expanded to WWW::DNA. The original version used HTML::TreeBuilder, this has been largely replaced by other means.
  • WWW::DNA - A set of perl modules (the next step in the evolution of the Hoobot) for programmatically accessing dna pages. Based around a html/xml parser (XML::LibXML) it allows for easy extraction of key data from pages. Also encludes modules for handling SSO.
  • DNA-Proxy
  • Petunia - A system which comes close to realising the original vision of the Hoobot project and the original integral account. Currently it supports the ace statistics. The edited guide statistics will get migrated Real Soon Now.
  • Whale - It's big, it's blubbery, it's also in free-fall and rather enjoying the wind. It's the next stage from Petunia and 'newusers'; it merges my existing technology for parsing pages, with a full relational database system with OO features, to give far more powerful data mining abilities.
  • Sine - A small project to build yet another toy operating system. This is the platform for my craziest perl idea yet -- embedding perl into a kernel.
  • Arcsine - A solver for cryptarithms. Not trivial.
  • Integral::Auth - A small system for cookie-based authentication on my website.

Geek Code

Version 1.1 (modified)
RGB>$ Y>+ N+++*>+ SA-B+(>$++)G++P<+ A++>+++ P<++: L++* M*(--)(---)(+) s(+)>++ V+++>$ E+*>++ PR++(+) p+<++ a- B++>+++(-) TV- r++ D T(+) nh+ C+>++ m>+ t+ LD-- v++ E+
-----END H2G2 CODE BLOCK-----

This isn't the standard version 1.1, as it uses some of the extensions suggested for version 2.0. I wouldn't try feeding this though an automated decoder.

Here's my out of date Geek Code, I should get round to updating this soon.

Version: 3.1
GM d- s-:- a--- C++ UL++>+++ P+++ L++ E W+++ N+ o? K? w++@ O? M V? PS PE- Y PGP++ t+@>* 5 X? R? tv++ b++ DI+ D+ G e-* h! !r y?

Volunteer Positions

I'm primarily a volunteer and researcher on h2g2, but on the hub I am a BBCi Tester, and sometimes my bugfinding leads me over to DNA feedback.


h2g2 Guru

I'm a fan of Whoami?'s personal space.

It can be exciting being a BBCi Tester as we get to test all kinds of exciting new sites and technologies the BBC is releasing. Importantly we also get to play with all the new DNA sites.

The h2g2 Gurus also help to cover the hub and respond to any questions here and on h2g2.

Volunteer Positions

I'm a volunteer here on h2g2, mainly for the shiny badges, but it's also a way that I can contribute to the community. In addition to my four official volunteer positions, I also belong to some clubs, I'm a BBCi Tester, and I'm a 'Bugfinder'.


I'm a fan of Whoami?'s personal space.

As you can see I have far too much spare time, as I'm participating in four volunteer groups, whilst1 doing 5 AS-levels and planning to do 4 A-levels in a few months time2.


The ACEs are an important part of making the site friendly and 'sticky'. We try and greet every newcomer to the site, and help them find the niche where they can contribute the best.

There's ACEs who are members of all sorts of groups and they make sure that all the conversations run smoothy, and that everyone gets on together. In other words, they are 'catalysts' who encourage productive debate.


The Gurus are a bunch of crazy, dedicated people who watch all the help pages and help researchers with all those tricky technical problems on h2g2 (and off h2g2 too).


The Scouts help to manage the edited guide review forums, primarily Peer Review where they get to pick the best entries (with the best community response) to be sent onwards in the process to the subeditors.


The Subeditors do the hard work of making sure that all the entries in the edited guide have the same high standards of presentation, spelling and grammar. They tend to work somewhat behind the scenes as they duties don't require working with the community, but most do try and contact the authors of the entries they edit.

1This is solely to annoy whoever added this to the guidelines2Just because I'm planning on a Maths degree doesn't mean I can correctly figure out how many months there are to the next academic year3Although most people don't bother with the correct capitalisation (myself included) and call these volunteers Aces (or ace).4A smiley - zen smiley conjures up part of our image, but we're also a bunch of smiley - wizards5.5And smiley - geeks!


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Spelugx the Beige, Wizard, Perl, Thaumatologically Challenged

Researcher U183117

Former Guru
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