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  • 25.09.00

    Excitement and congratulations break out as Peregrin wins the Virtual Prez Race.

    Wowbagger has some important news to tell, Tweetie gets Disco fever and Pastey vents again!

    Sadly, we lose The Roving Reporter as RL encroaches, but gain the wonderful Greebo T. Cat.

    Fragilis scratches her head over the queue but helps us all with GuideML.

    Reinhard chases the moon, Linus chases the Olympics and the Dutch contingency prepare for the Meet.

  • 02.10.00

    Wowbagger finds a way to attend the Dutch meet with very little outlay...

    Peregrin announces his cabinet and Fragilis reveals the mystery of accepted Guide Entries.

    Mustapha reviews 'The Nutty Professor 2' and Reinhard goes to Martinique.

    We feature two poems and the h2g2 fiction group provide another good story.

  • 09.10.00

    The Dutch Meet photo's are revealed, Peta has her say and Kheldar writes about 'Het Kasteel'.

    Wowbagger muses about the Olympics and Reinhard visits a 'Carnaval'.

    Tweetie reviews the 'Three Kings' DVD and Pastey rants against personal stereos.

    Positive Feedback provides us with a thought-provoking poem.

  • 16.10.00

    A non-event Post as Shazz had computer difficulties! The edition itself won't generate

    any interest but check out View From the Queue for an excellent article!

  • 24.10.00

    Fragilis appears a little confused... and she's not the only one!

    We welcome Ormondroyd back to the fold with his entertaining 'Notes From a Small Planet'.

    Munchkin relates 'Working as an Expat', Reinhard goes to Barcelona and Swiv on an Oddessy.

    Peregrin queries Human Rights, Vegiman spamming and Bluebottle starts
    his Bikini Competition.

  • 30.10.00

    Mark Moxon drops by to tell us about Ripley 1.2 and the new Smileys.

    Ormy seems obsessed with curry and Wowbagger with illogical conversations!

    Peace agreements in The Poem and the bravery of a Tibetan nun sound a more serious note.

    Linus reviews 'The Andy Warhols', Swiv's trials continue and Reinhard finds sand sculptures.

  • 06.11.00

    Tana provides reports from the heart of the troubles in Jerusalem.

    Wowbagger succumbs to temptation and Pastey looks at the 'I want one' site.

    Greeebo continues to amuse us, Tweetie has 'Common Room' problems and Ormy feels flooded!

    Fragilis advises how to form a group and the Poem tackles the American Elections.

  • 13.11.00

    We hear more from Jerusalem as Tana updates his diary.

    'View from the Queue' will continue, with a different name, as Fragilis asks for volunteers.

    Wowbagger is far too carried away with the new 'smileys' and Bluebottle provides more jokes.

    Greebo also laughs with us and launches the Post Christmas Poetry Competition.

  • 20.11.00

    The h2g2 Meet looms, so we provide all the information and neccessary help to get you there.

    Tana tells us about a football club in Jerusalem as well as providing more from his diary.

    The re-named 'View from h2g2' delves into copyright issues and Wowbagger is 'home alone'.

    Ormy returns with his wry look at life and Greebo keeps the fun and games going.

  • 04.12.00

    What can we say about this edition! The Post celebrates a year of publishing.

    We show off our new-look and contributors both past and present rally round to celebrate.

    Allow plenty of time to read this edition... there are 28 articles to get through!

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