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Starfleet Academy was formed to train personnel prior to their joining a starship and being able to leave Earth on active service.

Starfleet itself predates the Federation and was formed with the initial aim of creating a warp 5 capable starship. That dream was realised with the Enterprise NX-01, which launched on -date-

In this academy, members of Star Trek - The Project and the public alike can learn about what it takes to become a Starfleet officer. There are many courses available and we are always recruiting new professors and lecturers to create and teach new courses.


Starfleet Academy is located next to Starfleet Headquarters in Golden Gate park in San Franscisco. Many of its buildings and grounds offer superb views of the city and the Golden Gate bridge. The campus comprises several locations:

  • Central auditorium
  • Several lecture halls
  • Science labs
  • The infamous Starfleet simulator
  • Dining hall
  • Cafe
  • The famous gardens
  • Student accomodation
  • Administration block
  • Shuttle dock


Starfleet Academy is comprised of several schools:

  • Flight School
  • Command School
  • Engineering School
  • School of Science
  • Medical School


Current courses on offer:

Resident Borg expert professor Not Panicking Yet has created a specialist Borg series of courses. These are mandatory reading for all cadets

There are also specialist courses:

History Courses

History of Starfleet Academy

Starfleet Academy dates back to mankind's first exploration of the universe and the famous NX project that started the foundations of the Federation1

Many famous luminaries have passed through the halls of Starfleet Academy over the years and several have returned to lecturing positions. After Captain Sulu was promoted, but before he took command of the USS Excelsior, he took a one year assignment as head of Starfleet Academy with Captain Kirk and Commander Chekov taking temporary teaching assignments in various subjects, including space combat.

Captain Kirk has the distinction of being the only cadet who beat the Kobayashi Maru simulation in the Starfleet simulator, a starship bridge simulator that can recreate any scenario or situation to test the cadets. The Kobayashi Maru scenario is an unbeatable situation that tests cadet's character.

During Kirk's time there teaching, he foiled a plan to take over Starfleet by assasinating key officials hatched by several cadets.


List of Professors:

Arisztid Lugosi

Not Panicking Yet

Professorships are granted to those who have written at least five courses.

List of Lecturers:


Lecturer positions are given to people who have written at least one course.

If You Want To Help

If you want to make a contribution, any help is appreciated. Here's the proceedure;

Application to Join the staff

  1. Start a new conversation on this entry. Make the title the subject you are going to work on, and in the conversation state what you are going to cover. This way, it should prevent two people working on the same subject at the same time (which is annoying for you and can lead to complications).
  2. Write your entry, making sure to tick the "Not For Review" check box.
  3. Post a message to my personal space: atlantic_cable when your entry is complete and ready to be linked to.
  4. If you want help with editing, add me as a researcher on your entry.
1Full name: The United Federation of Planets, it is usually shortened to simply The Federation.

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