The Borg Children

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When the USS Voyager encountered a disabled Borg Cube, it was discovered that the only drones onboard were children. A pathogen had killed all the adult drones on the Cube, and the Collective had severed these children’s link to the Hive, as they were viewed as damaged and irrelevant. Four of these Borg children were taken to Voyager, where they were rehabilitated. Seven of Nine was able to find the original names of the children within the database of the Cube.

Azan and Rebi

Azan and Rebi are brothers from the Wysanti race. While they lived on Voyager, they were guided by Seven of Nine. In 2377, the Wysanti were located and Azan and Rebi were returned to their people.


Mezoti was Norcadian, and was born around 2368. With guidance from Seven of Nine, she quickly regained her individuality and concepts, such as “pretty” and “fun”, were soon relearned. It was not possible to return Mezoti to her people, as no contact could be established with the Norcadians, despite Voyager’s attempts. However, in 2377, when Azan and Rebi were returned to their people, the Wysanti also agreed to give Mezoti a home as well.


Icheb was from the Brunali race, and was abducted from a Class 1 transport in Grid 649. He is a highly intelligent adolescent. He became quite skilled at the Vulcan game Kal-toh, and on one occasion was able to defeat Tuvok.

He had hopes of a permanent position in the Astrometrics lab onboard Voyager. However, Voyager was able to make contact with Icheb’s parents, and he was reunited with them. They were with other Brunali, and the planet had been devastated by Borg attacks. Icheb found it difficult to settle into his new life, but learned to accept it. But soon after Voyager left, his parents sent him in a ship towards a nearby Borg transwarp conduit, with the intention of attracting a Borg vessel to assimilate him. Voyager was able to rescue Icheb before he was reassimilated, and discovered that he had been bred as a carrier of a pathogen that would act against the Borg. It was this same pathogen that killed all the adult drones on the Cube that Icheb and the other children were rescued from.

While the other children were given homes with the Wysanti, Icheb stayed aboard Voyager. He was inspired by Voyager’s contact with the Alpha Quadrant to apply to Starfleet Academy. He had Seven of Nine and Tuvok, who used to instruct at the Academy, to help him prepare for the exam.

This was delayed when Seven of Nine’s cortical node began to malfunction. Icheb insisted that his be given to Seven, as he was convinced he would survive without it. The operation was successful. He was still onboard Voyager when the ship and crew returned to the Alpha Quadrant in 2378. This provided him with the opportunity to apply to the Academy.

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