The Nekrit Colony Drones

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Around 2368, a Borg Cube was severely damaged in an electrokinetic storm in the Delta Quadrant. The drones that survived were severed from the Collective. They regained their original identities and formed a colony on a planet within the Nekrit Expanse. Fighting soon broke out between these individuals.

USS Voyager encountered this colony in 2373. Riley Frazier, a human who was assimilated from the USS Roosevelt at the Battle of Wolf 359. Orum, an assimilated Romulan, was a medic within the colony. He was able to remove certain Borg implants and was able to create prosthetic limbs for the former drones, using Borg replication technology.

Frazier sought the Voyager crew’s assistance in reactivating the Cube’s neural-electric field generator. It was hoped that this would created a new link between the colonists and restore the peace. Janeway feared the consequences of creating a new collective, and so refused to help.

Orum was able to heal injuries that Chakotay had sustained. This was done by activating a neural field that linked Chakotay into a small collective of colonists. This neural link was later used to force Chakotay to go against Janeway’s wished and reactivate the damaged neural-electric field generator.

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