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The Borg Queen has been likened to the queen of a hive of insects, in that she provides a common direction and brings order to the Hive Mind. The Borg Queen is unique, in that she refers to herself as “I”, as well as using the plural “we”, as used by the rest of the Collective. She has described herself as “the one who is many”; she often speaks for the Borg. The Borg Queen also differs from other drones in that her head and spinal cord appear to be the only part of her body to contain organic components. They can also exist separately from her body, within a special alcove.

Despite the Borg Queen’s view of the inferiority of the Human race, she desired to have a human counterpart – someone who could bridge the gulf between the two species. In 2366, she chose Jean-Luc Picard, captain of the USS Enterprise, as her counterpart. Her intention was that he would freely give himself to the Borg and to her, but Picard resisted. He was forcibly assimilated, and transformed into Locutus of Borg, but was rescued by the Enterprise crew. The Queen later attempted to seduce both Lieutenant Commander data and Seven of Nine to join the Collective, by using strong methods of persuasion. In both cases, she failed.

It would appear that the Borg Queen has been destroyed or killed on several occasions. Information concerning this is limited, and it is suspected that when the Queen is destroyed, another Queen takes her place, although it is unknown as to whether there are several queens at any given time or that a new queen is only created on the death of the existing one.

When the Borg Queen took a Borg Sphere back in time to 2063, she was destroyed when the plasma coolant tanks in engineering were ruptured. All the drones with her were also destroyed. She was soon replaced by an identical Queen, who may have been destroyed during an encounter with USS Voyager. However, it was not corroborated. The Queen was instrumental in the destruction of “Unimatrix Zero”, that threatened the Collective. The Queen was almost certainly destroyed in 2378 when a neurolytic pathogen was introduced to the Collective.

The status of the Queen and the Collective after this incident remain unknown.

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