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The Borg catalogue the species they encounter and assimilate. These species are then referred to within the Collective by their designation, rather than the name the members of that species called themselves. Not all species designations are known.

Species 116

Originated in the Delta Quadrant and is technologically advanced. The original name of this species is unknown. It is known that this species evaded assimilation for several centuries, until 2374 when almost the entire species was assimilated. Approximately twenty thousand escaped. One member of this species was called Arturis, and was finally captured by the Borg after he attempted to lure USS Voyager to them.

Species 125

Nothing is known about this species, except that The Borg Queen is originally of this species.

Species 149

Medically advanced species, most notably in developing a method for reversing cellular necrosis. This knowledge allowed the Borg to reactivate drones up to seventy-three hours after “death”. This technique was later used by Seven of Nine to revive fellow USS Voyager crewmember, Neelix.

Species 180

Alpha Quadrant species, the Ferengi. Such a low species number implies that the Borg encountered the Ferengi early in the history of the Borg civilisation.

Species 218

The Talaxian race from the Delta Quadrant. The Borg first encountered this race when they captured a freighter and it’s 39 crewmembers in the Dolmine Sector. Talaxians made exceptional drones, as they have dense musculature, and are easily assimilated.

Species 259

Technologically advanced species, which resides within galactic Cluster 3. The technology, which forms the basis of Borg autonomous regeneration sequencers, was developed by this race.

Species 262

This is a primitive species from the Delta Quadrant that was assimilated around 2145. The species referred to a substance that had the power to “burn the sky”, which the Borg held to be the Omega Molecule.

Species 263

This species had similarities to Species 262. The were also a primitive Delta Quadrant race, assimilated around 2145, and held the Omega Molecule to be a drop of blood from their creator.

Species 312

This Delta Quadrant race was assimilated several centuries ago. They had developed tetrion-flux technology, capable of generation an undetectable forcefield.

Species 329

The Delta Quadrant species, the Kazon. They were first encountered by the Borg in the Gand Sector, Grid 6920. The Borg held them to be both biologically and technologically unremarkable, and as such, were unworthy of assimilation.

Species 521

The Delta Quadrant race, the Shivolians. In 2376, a female of the species visited USS Voyager while the ship was docked at the Markonian Outpost.

Species 571

This species worships a supernatural deity known as Brothara, who does not approve of the desecration of dead bodies. P’Chan, a Borg of designation Four of Nine, was a member of this species.

Species 689

The Delta Quadrant race, the Norcadians.

Species 2461

The Brunali race, of the Delta Quadrant. The homeworld of the Brunali is near a Borg transwarp conduit, as so was attacked by the Borg three times within ten years. The Brunali had sophisticated genetic techniques used for agricultural crops. They used similar techniques to create a pathogen that would work against the Borg. This pathogen was implanted into the genetic code of some children, who were allowed to be assimilated. Icheb was one of those children. (See The Borg Children)

Species 3259

The Vulcan race, from the Alpha Quadrant. The Vulcan race had superior analytical abilities due to their enlarged neocortex.

Species 4228

The Delta Quadrant race, the Hazari. A violent and technologically advanced race, they made excellent tactical drones.

Species 5174

This species is capable of space travel. The Borg found a vessel belonging to this species, but all it’s occupants had been killed and had various internal organs, ligaments, and skeletons removed, presumably by the Hirogen.

Species 5618

The Human race, from the Alpha Quadrant. The Borg consider Humans to be inferior in cranial capacity and have limited regenerative abilities. Despite these apparent inferiorities, the Borg have failed to assimilate many of the Human race.

Species 6291

The Yridian race. Both the Borg and the Federation had believed the Yridians to be extinct, but an exo-biologist, Rudy Ransom, made first contact with the species, thus proving their existence.

Species 6339

This humanoid species originates in Grid 124, Octant-22-theta, and have warp technology. The Borg first encountered them in 2371, and within four years, had assimilated eleven billion of this species. The Borg encountered one of the last remained shuttlecraft and assimilated the thirteen individuals onboard. These individuals, it emerged, had allowed themselves to be assimilated, as they were carrying a synthetic pathogen that they had developed against the Borg. The pathogen caused thousands of drones to manifest many thousand personalities, causing chaos, and ultimately destruction of the infected Borg Cube.

Species 6961

The Ktarian race, of the Alpha Quadrant. Magnus Hansen was able to closely study a drone of this species.

Species 8472

This species originates in fluidic space, and is highly sophisticated. This species has an extremely powerful immune system that destroys any biological, chemical or technological agent that enters their cells. The Borg discovered fluidic space and learned of the technology of Species 8472 in late 2373. Species 8472 have organic spacecraft and biogenically engineered weapons technology, which is superior to the technology of the Borg. The Borg attempted to invade fluidic space and assimilate Species 8472, but the attempt failed. Species 8472 soon retaliated by invading the Delta Quadrant, with the goal of eliminating all life from the galaxy. They successfully destroyed planets and fleets within Borg space, but they were defeated when the Borg combined forces with Voyager, using a new nanoprobe, against which Species 8472 had no immunity.

Species 10026

This species originates from Grid 532 in the Delta Quadrant. The entire population of 392 000 was assimilated in 2375. The Borg Queen had attempted to have Seven of Nine assist in the assimilation, but Seven of Nine was able to help four individuals escape.

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