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Milla is resting

The big Christmas dinner party was successful. R and I, our respective sets of children, my parents, and my Peewee's boyfriend. Big turkey, R had been cooking since the morning, preparing the gravy, the stuffing, and the bird. I was more flittering around - peeling potatoes, pulling off the outer leaves of the brussel sprouts, making mashed potatoes.

It was good. The food was wonderful, R is a great smiley - chef, and I almost made enough mashed potatoes and sprouts smiley - biggrin

smiley - gift time was nice, books, sensible things, and loads of smiley - choc.

Right now, I'm home alone with the cat. My kids just went for dinner at their dad's, and R is with his kids. I am considering a drink, and calling my parents.

Life is good.

I wish good times to all my friends here, those I've met, those I haven't even met in conversations on site, all of you. Be well. Be happy.

smiley - towel

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Milla isn't doing NaJoPoMo

It might be because I'm so competitive that if I didn't hold the promise, I'd beat myself up badly. And I'm good at beating myself up.

It might be because the blues seem to have hit. I have a near constant lump in the throat and threats of tears.

So, I'm trying to back off from things, to sleep a lot, and generally try to rest. And I'm struggling not to apologise too much about that, because Pastey says I shouldn't apologise. But I still think it's fair to let you know I'm not as energetic that I'd like to be at the moment.

And I *am* feeling very sorry about myself, drama queen that I am. Since this isn't facebook, I feel it's ok to be real here, and not having to show the brave glossy version of my life. It's not a bad life, I'm just a little low. It will pass.

smiley - towel

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Milla has a loss.

If you know me on facebook, you may already have suspected.

On Wednesday, last week, my cousin was in a hurry to another town, but missed his train. A friend drove him there, and my cousin borrowed a small motorboat (from another friend) and went across the sound to Denmark, where he was supposed to meet a third friend.
He never got there.
Today, it's been confirmed that the boat that was found burning off the Danish coast was the one he borrowed.
He hasn't been found, but it's probable that he was hurt in the explosion and drowned.
He left three children, between 11 and 2 years old, and his mother, brother with family, and lots of aunts, uncles and cousins.

It's so unreal.

smiley - towel

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Milla tries something new.

I have dieted, once. Using those ultra low calories powder mixes. It worked, but the weight came back. As it does.

I would like to not love bread so much, because the low carb-high fat diet sounds good in all other respects. But bread is so tasty, and especially since R bakes for us all the time...

But now, I have decided that 71 kg is 8 too many (actually, I was 55 kg before kids, but let's be slightly realistic now... and I'm 160 cm) and R recommended an online log which helps me estimate how much I eat. So, I'm trying it. It's way too easy to eat too little, three days in, it keeps saying I must eat more to not go into starvation mode. On the other hand, that allows me to get a bit of brie in the evening, and enjoy it guilt free.

I'm not going to promise updates and progress reports. It might happen, it might not. I might give up any day, and go back to my regular habits. But it would really be nice to be able to wear more of what's in my closet.

smiley - towel

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Milla is a little bored.

Easter day evening. Richard won't be home for another four days, and I'm watching The Devil Wears Prada.
smiley - towel

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