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Happy Boxing Day from Milla

So, yeah, I also hope that your Christmas was as fun and jolly / quiet / social / delicious as you desired. smiley - biggrin
We've had a good time too. R and I, and our respective batches of offspring. Delightful company, the young ones!
Also Janssons Frestelse and excellent turkey.

Today I have mostly spent time on cleaning my grandmother's 1950's Electrolux Assistant food processor/mixer, to be able to sell it. And it switches on too, so it works. There must be 50 different parts to grind, slice, mix and grate. I plan to sell it in three lots, I think, one basic baking set with the machine, and then the grinder kit, and the slice/grate kit. So, if anyone fancies a very heavy piece of machinery, give a holler.

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Milla on the fly

Almost, that is.
I'm loafing around at home still, waiting to leave. Just got message that the plane is two hours delayed, and have managed to contact people in China to let the driver know - so the poor guy doesn't have to hang around the airport for two extra hours.
Now, I think I need some coffee, and to pack the last few things for my carry-on. Oh, and post that letter which means buying stamps, and maybe hang that load of laundry before someone forgets it and it goes moldy, and check when the vet opens (the cat is coughing badly, but only now and then) and probably another millon ideas... smiley - run
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Milla reads journals

I never feel I have the energy or dedication to make a daily journal so I don't join the najopomo. But I must say it's interesting to read-so many different things, so many new conversations popping up. I wish it could go on more around the year, it's energising to "meet" people, and see more of eachoter's worlds.

We're a bit short of sub-editors, so I'm also trying my hand at that. A good while ago, I edited one that was very long and unformatted, but the recent ones have been interesting reads, and easy to work with. Even in Pliny I find it easy going. But perhaps that's because they are in good shape to start with!

Right, I should make an early night - I have to drive to work at 6:30 in the morning, and I don't like to even leave the house at 8:30... so, wish me luck in waking up in time!
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Milla hears a Sound

It sounds a little like a washing machine, humming machiney like, and a steady thump-thump-thumping. Only, I'm on the fourth floor in the hotel, and I don't think that's where they keep washing machines.

Mhmmmmmmm thud thud thud.


It's the threadmills in the gym upstairs. Someone is running. And now going faster! At least that makes more sense, and I can ignore it better.
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Milla, not knowing what to say.

Strange times still. After summer vacation, job took off in a hurry, weekly trips to Poland and within Sweden, high pressure, and about seven parallell projects.
So I had a week off at the start of October, which did me good. I'm back to work again, but still not my usual high speed me. It's hard to find motivation.
I'm working at home today, trying to whip up documents for one of the projects, but the procrastination is strong with this one.

And I'm not doing much for h2g2 either, I think. It gnaws at my conscience.

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