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Milla's mother

Well. Many of you know now, but anyway.

My mum has tumours in big intestine and liver. They haven't used the "Cancer" word, but probably only because the biopsy cell cultures aren't finished.

They plan for chemotherapy this week. It can't be surgically removed, since it's too spread, but they hope chemo can slow it down.

I'm still in a vacuum. My brain knows, this is what she will die of, but we don't know when. She's still in pretty good shape, I guess. But not top shape.

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Milla dreams weird stuff.

Last night I had two dreams.

Number 1:
Huge scouting Jamboree. I used to love big camps! Now this time, we are still on route to the Jamboree, and I'm travelling with my mum and several hundred other scouts. The amount of people is hard for me to bear. We stop to eat the food we have brought, in a huge hall, and I just can't make myself sit down with all these strangers and eat. So stressed out from people, I have to talk to my mum and tell her I must go home. I can't hang around with all this talk and contacts and interactions.

I wake up, and consider. The message can't be clearer can it? Take time alone.

Number 2:
Travelling in some far away country. I want to say Uruguay, because the word seems to ring in my head still, but just generally foreign. At the start, there is a lot of snow, but because we're far south, people don't know how to handle it, and drive around without clearing the snow of windscreens and on slippy tires. One car carreens straight at me, but veers off and crashes through a fence across the street.
We're in a large city, a capital. It's on a slope, several streets and alleys are infact steps.
Suddenly there's the Swedish embassy, only it's more a big "live" museum or store for the homesick, where you can find clothes, foods and outdoors equipment that wouldn't be available otherwise in this country. I walk around, with my family. The buildings are interconnected, and again, lots of stairs and steps. Some parts have live animals, chicken, cows, etc, to show how it was in older days in Sweden. Some parts have foods. Flour, eggs, potatoes and so on.
I find parts where there are clothes, suitcases, backpacks. My family is out of sight. I have a brief talk with my daughter again - we have brought changes of clothes, for some reason, and I carry a bag with some of it. Daughter has lost some of the clothes she brought, and the rest of the dream I search all the rooms of the embassy/museum/shop for her things. During the search I come across lots of friends from home, and am amazed at how they are all here, in this far away place, at the same time as I am.
I finally give up, or find everything, and go "home" towards the hotel or apartment. It's uphill. I see lots of fireworks, decorations, indicating a celebration or holiday of some sort. At one point, an airplane passes quite low over a lake, and it's explained to me - it had to make a sharp dive to get "air under its wings" and enough speed to take off properly. Huge thing, it looked like it was going to crash, but there it flies off.

Waking up, I can't see a message in this. Searching, being in an unknown place. Lots of people here too, but not as exhausting people. More the search this time.

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Milla is frustrated.

It's hard enough writing tests when you have a system to play with. When you don't it's near impossible, but doable if you get support from one who uses the system.
Which I have very little of.
So I am in a pinch.
I hate it.
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Milla Has a Son!

Well, not recently to be honest, but he joined h2g2 very recently!

Please welcome ElbaShero U15000135

He's already been ACE'd by lil, but we're having a side-by side experience for fast learning as I type.

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Milla had New Years Eve

The night before, Son had been out cycling, but as he was cycling standing up, to get speed, the chain jumped off, and he stomped his right foot really hard in the asphalt. It didn't get better overnight, so just after 3.30 pm, we got to the A&E. The sorting hat people found it well to send us to the orthopedics. Where we waited. After some time, got called in, someone took a look at the foot. Sent us out again. Waited for x-rays. Got x-rays. Waited for the doctor to tell what they found.
Got called in to the doctor, who hadn't found anything on the x-rays - another doctor to the one who took a look at the foot earler. She prodded and pressed, and we all went to look at the shots. And now, when she knew where to look, she found the break. Just a little one, luckily, on the bone before the little toe, near the joint.

So. No plaster cast, and he uses crutches until he can't stand those. But there was a cracked bone.

Three hours. But since he's young, no fee.

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