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Milla and a little music

Just dropped off daughter to choir practice. She had a concert last Saturday, and another one this weekend. I love to hear her voice - it blends well with the choir, but I can still tell it's *my* girl.
And just now, son has pulled out his bass, and is funking along to some Jamiroquai. He just re-discovered that artist. We used to play a lot of Jamiroquai in the car, on long drives, but it was a couple of years since we lost the habit, and now I hear the familiar grooves again, with him playing along.

It feels good, to have musical kids.

smiley - towel

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Milla was catching a train.

At the local trains/city tunnel station in Malmö, there is an art installation. It consists of rows of projectors, along the whole platform, and these show films, shot from a train or boat travelling at slow speed. The camera is turned to the side, so you will see the streets and landscapes along the route. So far, I've never seen the same clip twice.

The scenery is also rolled over to the next projector, so if you walk along the platform one direction, you would see the same image in each screen, and in the other direction you travel with the vehicle, so to speak.

I love to watch these clips. Sometimes you see a lot of people, sometimes it's mostly industrial backyards, sometimes cities, sometimes countryside. I like to play guessing games, where in the world it's shot - it's really taken me all over the world, just waiting for the next train. Usually, any people in the films pretty much ignore the camera.

Last week, I was entering the platform at one end, and just as I entered, a new clip started. It was an African savannah landscape, along a river bank. But this time, there was a flock of kids, boys and girls, perhaps 10 to 12 years old. And they started waving and smiling at the camera. I was travelling "with" the camera, and the kids started running along, still smiling and waving. I knew it was just a film, but it was very touching, and I kept smiling as I walked along the platform, to where my train would hold. These kids, far away, kept me company, cheered me on and made me smile, in a very different time and place.

I would love to see them again.

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Milla made Creme Brulee

... for celebrating the end of the year and the coming of the new year.
And it was good.
I combined ideas from a couple of recipes off the internet, so I think I better write it down so I might use it again.

Turn oven on, 150 degrees C.

500 ml heavy cream. 125 ml of regular sugar. 1 vanilla pod, about 7 cm.
Simmer in a pot, until all the little black dots seem released. Perhaps 15 minutes? I don't quite remember.

4 egg yolks in a bowl.
Use extra hands to sieve the pod (and pod debris) out, and add a little of the hot cream to the egg yolks, whisking at the same time. Slowly add all the cream and keep whisking.

Pour into oven proof little serving size bowls. Put bowls in a deep baking tray. Boil the kettle.
Put the baking tray in the oven and add the boiling water to the baking tray, so it comes up a bit on the sides of the bowls.

Bake for about an hour. After about 45 minutes, check consistency. Dip a table knife, and when it comes up no longer runny it's done. Keep testing until it looks done.

Let cool in the fridge for a few hours. Can sit overnight too.

At serving: Sprinkle top with demerara sugar. Use a burner to melt and caramelise the sugar.

I was very pleased with this recipe, I think it tasted just as good as any I've had at a restaurant. Very proud.

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Milla collects Liffs

Some years ago, I created a couple of Liffs over at and they are not very good. Except Nanpantan. But I thought I'd copy them over here too, for archive's sake. Here goes:

Hoton (n.)
The feeling that you really ought to enjoy the current situation a lot more. (E.g. party, visit to the zoo, rock concert, ride in amusement park)
You are not having a bad time, in fact things are quite all right, even amusing, but you should, really, have a whopping good time.

Tyringe (n.)
The sensation of being a complete outsider, even after formally belonging to a community for many years. Sensation triggers, e.g. walking into a room/class re-union/parent-teacher event and getting zero greetings, zero "How are you, have a seat", zero nods in your general direction.

Rothley (n.)
Distance to Pub. Defined as the distance where the ambivalence whether to go to the pub or not reaches it's absolute maximum. The distance is extremely variable, and depends on many factors, such as the darkness of roads, the comfort of current location, decisiveness of people in company, and quality of the potential pub. The distance is always short enough to walk, and the time it would take to call for a taxi, wait for it to arrive and complete the ride is always longer than the walking time.

Ashby de la Zouch (n.)
The mood described as a mix of annoyance and sympathy, and a bit of haughtiness, that comes over an audience when a particularly violent and unexpected sneeze is heard at a very solemn occasion (such as royal weddings, classical concerts including world famous artists, and Nobel galas)

Barton in the Beans (n.)
State of mind, of parents with children in the Wysall phase.

Loughborough (n.)
Being unable to spell a word, but claiming your version is correct, referencing obscure and/ or invented sources.

Lund (vb.)
Battling an inferiority complex by assuming an 'I'm better than thou' attitude. E.g. my town may be smaller than yours, but at least we have a University, and it's founded by Canute the Great, so there!

Nanpantan (n.)
The pale skin, where time and gravity has created folds unaccessible to sunshine.

Quorn (n.)
Something which is purposely and recently created to be quaint. It never really works out though.

Rempstone (n.)
The tiny, crushed pip of a raspberry, lodged in your molar tooth.

Wysall (n.)
A development phase all children are obliged to go through, before being allowed to get to grips with reality. Prolonged Wysall is known to have made grown men cry.

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Milla celebrated Lucia

My darling Peewee is Lucia, and this is the lovely concert they made this year.

smiley - towel

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