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Milla returns to Peer Review

Scary! I've not done that for *years*! smiley - biggrin
But it will be ok. If not for The Guide, it might go in the Post at some point, perhaps, or as a Create thing. smiley - smiley

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Latest reply: Dec 3, 2012

Milla complains.

I feel pitiful. For more a couple of weeks I've had minor aches and pains. Nothing really serious, but annoying nevertheless.

A few weeks ago: Sinus pains. Nasal decongestant to relieve, but doctor wouldn't even look at me. Got better after a while, but only after a week of yukky breath and stuff.

Then the forest adventure, left me with a horrible muscle ache - which passed, but also a cold sore, that's till going, more than a week after.

And this weekend, headaches, and migraines. And I don't even have whopping migraines! I just get all apathetic and weepy for a few days, and then I have a single spot of pain in one of the eyebrows. But since it doesn't shift with ordinary painkillers, only my migraine spray, I suppose that's what it is.

Second migraine spray this morning, and went back to bed once the kids were in school, and slept till noon.
Still feeling slow and dull. And not at all inclined to excercise, eat healthy and be active. I just want to pull the covers over my head and hibernate.

So. Compared to the rest of the world, I have nothing to complain about. And still I feel washed out.

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Milla was lost in the hills and the woods.

I hope you can use the coordinates to see where we were...

We parked the car, about 3 or 3.30 pm.:

And we didn't really know where the Nimis was, but started off towards the north shore.
About here, we lost our way:
And then we moved eastwards, and came closer to the shoreline. If you can call it that...
I think we were about 20 to 50 m above sea level, and crossing the little valleys along the hills.
We weren't on the ridge, but rather high up, and along it. The slope was rather steep to the left of us,
but walkable for most of the distance. Here and there muddy patches. The trail was narrow, often 30 cm wide.
Fall is here, so much of the foliage from the beeches was on the ground, making it tricky to find foothold.

After about an hour of walking, half climbing, slipping and getting muddy, we came to a place with lots of boulders,
not far from Nimis, and climbed down across them:
We went down to the ... I don't even know what to call it? Art? Sculpture? Tree house? Driftwood fort?

I was actually too tired to go all the way down to the beach, so settled for viewing from the top.
Now, it was about 4:30, and sun was going down.

About 5pm, we started making our way back, and it was dark. We had a full moon, and clear skies, but in the woods it was hard to see.

We followed the "normal" way back for a while, and I'm a little ashamed to say that I had such an energy drop that
my legs were unsteady and shaky. Even the "normal" track is rather steep to begin with.
Fortunately, some metabolism kicked in, and I felt better when we had come up on more level ground,
near the ridge/top of the hills.

I estimate that we turned here:
And then walked back westwards to the car. Although after a while, we thought, this must be where we came in from the car park?
But it wasn't, so we walked a little more, and came to a few little houses:
From there we found roads, and managed to find the car, at about 6 pm.

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Milla had a Kitten on the Roof

And the craziest bit is I missed it all!

I was at work, an hours commute from home, and just about to start a meeting with the client and my boss. And my son calls, to say that he can't find the cat, and she might have fallen from the window in his room, which is upstairs.

She had been chasing flies, he had his back turned, and suddenly she wan't there. So I told him to go down and search. Even if she wasn't straight below the window, she could have crawled away to hide in the hedge if she was injured or scared.

But no find.

He called and texted a few times, and I was already in the meeting. I did apologise, and texted him to call my R, and my parents, who are about 30 minutes away.

And just as the meeting ends, he calls, and the cat is found and rescued. She had probably gotten out on the windowsill, and made a neat little jump to the gutter, which comes out not below the window (straight wall down, there...) but perhaps 30 cm out and to the side. The window is sticking out with its' on little flatter roof, and the rest of the roof is 45 degrees. There must be a word for that sort of thing.

Anyway. They all went out to look for her, and the training has been successful - she responds when you whistle. There she was, on the sloping roof, over on the neighbour's side. When they whistled, she eeped, and came closer. My son climbed the fence (which is 2 m high, and about 2 cm wide, only it's not solid top but two rows of planks....) stands up on the edge and reaches up, to get her from the gutter.

So by the time I was home, there was no trace of anything exciting. Although, she was very alert and kept running around playing all the evening.

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Milla has the blues again.

Just have run out of the fun. I don't think it's medical this time.

Just too much energy being poured, and it feels wasted. Is it worth the effort? Does it matter that we still exist here? That some of us try so hard, and put so many hours in, and care, and feel that so many of the discussions are confrontational, putting wedges in. Or actually not trying to be, but so many of us are so tired, and so worried about the site and it's future that we take just about any comment as criticism, or aggression, or acidic teasing, when it's actually not? I know I tend to over-interpret just anything these days.

I don't know.

I feel bad for not writing entries. But I'm not a writer, and it doesn't really feel like something I want to do.

I feel bad for not actually browsing entries very often. I wish I had a hundred hours a day and the energy and the power to bring to life all the ideas we had a year ago. But right now, I think if I tried, I'd just get complains that the work is wrong, incorrectly done, the wrong colour, smell and not enough quirky.

Maybe I should just stay away for a few days.

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