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1234567891011121314smiley - sheep
1234567891011121314smiley - smiley
12345678910smiley - elf12131415
12345678910111213smiley - spider15
1234567891011smiley - angel131415

Five lanes, five Smiley's battle for first place, can you guess which

one will win?

Race Sixteen Runners

RunnerSmiley NameOwners NameRaces WonSMC1
smiley - sheepBaaarneyWhisky 41st
smiley - smileyBertAneRikke 41st
smiley - elfNoddyBrownFurby 1
smiley - spiderCharlotteGirl a Go-Go 2FAV
smiley - angelGabbykevo2

Smiley racing, where you put your money where your mouth is, in a game of virtual betting, will you be willing to risk all? Gamble your wealth on the fleetness of your chosen Smiley? Only the most daring and cunning will come out on top, dare you take up the

With your virtual DNA money clutched in your sweaty palms, you decide how much and who to bet on, make the right choice and you could be rolling in it, the wrong one could see you losing everything but the clothes you stand up in.

The Betting For The Spy Society Sneak - Sponsored by The Spy Society (16th Race)

Researcher NameSmiley To WinDNA's BettedSMC2
Skenvoy Gabby 20
Tonto Charlotte 10
Egon Baaarney 10 WIN
Captain A.J. Rimmer Charlotte 10
VIP Charlotte 10
Master B Baaarney 20 WIN
LuckyStar Noddy 20
Miztres Charlotte 10
Tubaman Baaarney 10 WIN
Santragenius V Bert 15 WIN
HollePolle Bert 15 WIN
BrownFurby Noddy 10
Lurcher Charlotte 10
Smilodon Prefect Baaarney 20 WIN
Go-Go Girl Charlotte 40
Stooby Mole Baaarney 25 WIN

How To


  • A race will start on a Tuesday (hopefully), and continue on through the week until a

    Smiley has reached the end of the race track. When that happens the race is finished, and

    those who bet on the winning Smiley receive the winnings for that race.
  • Betting will open approximately 48 hours before each race begins. At the moment,

    betting is opened on Sundays.
  • You can bet as much as you like on each race, up to the amount you have in your h2g2 Virtual Bank Account. If you lose all your money from

    your account then your account will be voided and you will have to open a new account to

    continue to bet on the races. See the rules on the h2h2 Virtual Bank page.
  • If your Bank Account is voided, then you cannot re-apply for another account

    at the h2g2 Virtual Bank for two races plus if you own a Smiley in the Racing Stable, you

    will have to give it up.
  • Betting has two concequences;
    1. You will win, thus doubling your original stake. (I.E. Betting 10 DNA's will

      give you a return of 20 DNA's
    2. You will lose your stake money
  • All bets for each weeks races MUST be disclosed before the race begins,

    there will be NO exceptions.
  • Each week there will be a conversation Forum opened to accept bets, please do not

    converse in these forums, these are for the taking of the bets only. No more bets will be

    accepted after the BETTING IS NOW CLOSED message.
  • You may only bet on ONE Smiley per race.
  • This is just a trial at the moment to see how it goes, and to see if it will work, and if its

  • More rules may be added, as and when needed.

The h2g2 Virtual


You need an Account here to be able to bet.

The Smiley


See the Smileys that will be running, and even put your name down to own one.

Smiley Statistics


A page full of race statistics, are you there?

Cheering Society

A page full of the best words of wisdom that Smiley Racers have come up with whilst

cheering for their favourite smiley to become leader of the pack.

Race Results


Want to know the past form of the Smiley to wish to wage your hard earned DNA's on?

Then this is the page to check out how the Smiley's have been running.

Smiley Race


Ever wanted to sponsor a race, well here's you chance. Sign up on the dotted line, and see

your name in the title of an upcoming race.




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