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Someone left the cake out in the rain

smiley - cupcake This page has taken me 11 years to build, as it has been here for so long I think I will just leave it all here where I can see it as long as it keeps working. It seems to have survived the change from BBC to h2g2 quite well, much better than the change from h2g2 to BBC which left only my little boxes for decoration.

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I seem to be part of the new h2g2 promotion to be creative smiley - artistU14992038. My tip is that it doesn't matter if you don't know what you are doing most of the time. You can still have a pretty user page.

Skins and Noseyness

h2g2 skins

Click to see this page in Alabaster skin- Classic Goo skin- Plain skin - Brunel skin - The New Barlesque skin (not currently working Oct 2011)

What people are talking about now

What are people talking about at h2g2 right now?
What are people asking at h2g2 right now?
What are people talking about at dna hub right now? (hub is still on the BBC Oct 2011
Where are my BBC messageboard postings from?


I Survived Single Sign-on

smiley - sheepIsmiley - sheep

UnOfficial h2g2 Lurker

Guideml code for bbc-id badge from jimcracker

Guideml code for lurkers badge originally by Ottox.


The Smileys page.
smiley - teasmiley - earthsmiley - ufosmiley - sheepsmiley - blacksheepsmiley - artistsmiley - wizardsmiley - boingsmiley - magicsmiley - bubbly
smiley - smileysmiley - sadfacesmiley - crysmiley - bluesmiley - grrsmiley - ermsmiley - steam
This is Frosty smiley - snowman the snowman. He smokes a corncob smiley - corncob pipe.

A Nest Of Tables

Little Boxes




A table in the style of Piet Mondrian

GuideML code by Alji .

Keeper of Sooty and Sweep

I am the Keeper of Sooty and Sweep
because Sooty is my favourite thing.smiley - magic
I did have a picture of Sootysmiley - wizard and Sweepsmiley - dog
here but due to the new BBC restrictions (In 2001 the BBC took over h2g2 and stopped all links to pictures except their own) ,
I have had to improvise with h2g2 Picture blobs.
A teddy bearA dog

Here is a real picture of Sooty and Sweep

I am updating myself to be the keeper of Sootysmiley - wizard, Sweepsmiley - dog and Soosmiley - panda now that a panda smiley has been introduced.

Opticalillusion has now written A Little Bear Called Sooty h2g2 edited entry, so I can now put a picture here. Thank you Opticalillusion. Matthew Corbett and Sooty The Bear


Since I am unable to put my own pictures of Furby on this page, here is one the BBC prepared earlier. Furby Toy or Spy? and the BBC I love 1998 page has a real media video of a Furby .

and here is one the BBC prepared a bit later inexpensive toys for recession hit Britain

Emmily has updated the Furby h2g2 edited entry, so I can now put a picture here. Thank you Emmily. A white baby furby.

Here is my own picture of Furbies. showing my 1999 Furby and 2013 Furby together.


Browsersafe colours Here are some h2g2 links about the subject of font colours.
Font Colour Code chart and Web Safe Colours and Another Font Colour Code Chart and Yet Another Font Colour Code Chart
And here is my own colour chart
Note : Colours in tables may stop working soon. (We were promised this in 2001 but it hasn't happened yet.)

 BrownFurby BurgundyFurby BrownFurby BurgundyFurby

Furby Things

Purple SheepShaun the Sheep
Bear with a CrossSooty
Man at Brick WallTerraced Houses
SnowmanSmiley A-Z
Teddy Bear with red eyesTeddy Bears
Coloured Squares on TVTV Internet
h2g2 geckoBrownFurby
h2g2 geckoBurgundyFurby
h2g2 geckoPlainFurby
h2g2 geckoAnotherFurby


Talk to me in capital letters if you wish, I am old enough to remember when computers demanded capital letters. But please do not use text message abbreviations.

Previously Updated: 13th Feb 2010 for New Badge

Previously Updated: 12th Nov 2010 as it looks a mess on the beta. 1. Sitefilter removed 2. Link Bios fixed 3. Intro font colours not to be yellow 4. Only 4 squares fit on the page

Previously Updated: 18th Feb 2011 1. To add extra spaces before ruled lines as it looks a mess in the Beta 2. To remove login,logout,my conversations links as they no longer work.

Last Updated: 20th October 2011 1. To add comment about lost recipe 2. To add messagebox for the new Create page 3. Minor changes to text about 2001 and 2011 h2g2-BBC-h2g2 changes.

Last Updated: 20th November 2011 1. Fixed the Lurkers badge as the blobs have been moved.



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