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After many attempts I have got back into my account would have been sad to lose it after surviving single sign on and other stuff.

About to lose access to the old emails so am happy I managed got back in. Eventually.

I don't want to see another traffic light/bicycle/zebra crossing for a while.

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Last time I was at MOSI was in 2007 for the Dr Who Exhibition which included the daleks. smiley - tardis

I saw a dalek yesterday too but it belonged to one of the other vistors. smiley - frog This years museum had steam trains and broken cotton mills and also a computer and telephone that I have used myself so I would not have expected to see in a museum just yet. smiley - senior

My memories of Manchester city centre at street level date back to before the trams were built and it is a very changed place now, but the main roads and some landmarks are still in place and it was nice to see the place again.

It was also nice to see that some of the h2g2 people do really exist. smiley - smiley

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December 23 Gold Xmaspud

Remembering Xmas Dinners long ago. smiley - sadface

smiley - chick Turkey. Our family always cooked the turkey on Xmas eve. We liked cold meat anyway and it made more room in the oven on Xmas day. Long before turkey "crowns" were available in supermarkets we had an arrangement with the local butcher to buy a legless turkey, he was happy to do this for us as it was two legs he could sell to other people.

smiley - tomato Vegetables. As well as the sprouts which it is not Xmas without, our other favourite veg was cauliflower. We ate the stalks and the core as well as the florets. These days it is rare to see cauliflower stalks and core eaten and cauliflowers for sale don't even have full length stalks these days.

smiley - xmaspud We never ever had xmas pud on xmas day. The dinner is a lot of food anyway and with all the gold coin chocolates on the tree and boxes of chocolates given as presents and satsumas in stockings to be eaten, nobody had room for it. So we ate it on another day between xmas and new year as the main meal.

This journal was brought to you by the colour Gold and the < xmaspud > smiley - xmaspud smiley.

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December 4 Silver Xmastree

Keep a thing 47 years and you will find a use for it the saying goes.

All those years ago we made a 5 point star pattern using a school geometry set, cut cardboard stars out of a cornflake packet, covered them with "silver" paper of the type chocolate was wrapped in, then stuck a string on them with sellotape.

Silver stars for the Xmas tree. And sometimes Red, Gold or Purple depending on which chocolate wrappers had been available. These days Silver paper is hard to find as chocolate smiley - choc is wrapped in that useless non-recyclable plastic stuff.

Sadly the family xmas tree smiley - xmastree decorations are not amongst the things I have been able to keep.

This journal has been brought to you by the colour Silver and the < xmastree > smiley - xmastree smiley.

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November 28 Magenta Holly

The old Christmas Cactus can't go on top of the television this year.
I suppose it was never really good for it but it didn't seem to mind.

Due to changes in the television broadcasting in England the old box shape TVs no longer work and these new TVs are too thin to fit plant pots on.

I still feel fortunate to have a TV even if it is now not to put the christmas plants on. I didn't have one all through my schooldays and most people think I must be making this up when I mention it.

This journal was brought to you by the number 28, the colour magenta and the < holly > smiley - holly smiley.

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