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Posted: 8th August 2002


Moxon Mania!

The beginning of August marked an important date for a certain editor who will be shortly upping sticks and heading for darkest Africa. Yes, Mark Moxon is a leo - somehow that seems appropriate. Besides all the hoopy barfday wishes which flowed in, a fellow member of the editorial team started a Poems in Honour of Mark Moxon thread. Needless to say this has proved quite popular. We feature one of the offerings in this week's edition of The Post and, with permission from the authors, hope to bring you more in the future.

Elsewhere around h2g2, over at the Alabaster House, President Peregrin appears to be in a spot of bother. First he has survived an assasination attempt and now he is being threatened with Scandal. It may well all end in tears!

After not feeling well last week I was happy to receive this advice from Timelord:

take this advice from a friend

and give yourself time to mend

don't return to work to quick

ignore the boss he's just a p****

The trouble is - I appear to be the boss! smiley - winkeye

Apologies from MaW winged their way into the Post Office this week. He has been whisked away on holiday - but not to the moon as far as I know - so Future Prefect will return in a fortnight. Abi was 'out of the office' today, so no Community Column from her either.
We are pleased, however, to see the return of the BooK NooK after a long absence and, alongside a new travelogue from Psycho Chicken and all your regular favourites, is all to be found nestling inside this week's edition.

One final acknowledgement; Master B scored an impressive 17/25 in the Meet Quiz. Many congratulations to him.

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