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The correct answers to the Meet Quiz are marked in bold.


  1. Who created the popular Thomas the Tank Engine series of books?
    • a) Rev W Audley
    • b) Rev W Awdry
    • c) Rev B Awdry
    • d) Rev B Hawtrey

  2. The work of which artist includes pieces called 'Dewdrop', 'Three Worlds', and 'Castrovalva'?
    • a) Escher
    • b) Dali
    • c) Van Gogh
    • d) Pollock

  3. The latin name for the Bwindi Forest and Eastern lowland gorilla is:

    • a) Gorilla beringei graueri
    • b) Gorilla gorilla gorilla
    • c) Gorilla gorilla diehli)
    • d) Gorilla beringei beringei)

  4. Who said: 'We are going to have peace even if we have to fight for it.'?
    • a) President John F Kennedy
    • b) Malcolm X
    • c) President Eisenhower
    • d) Father Ted


  5. Since 1936, the State Farm Show has been a January tradition for which American State?
    • a) New York
    • b) Pennsylvania
    • c) Idaho
    • d) Texas

  6. The Irish Free State became an independent republic in which year/
    • a) 1948
    • b) 1949
    • c) 1951
    • d) 1953

  7. Bangkok's Chatuchak market is serviced by which station?
    • a) Tuk tuk1
    • b) kao p-at gai2
    • c) farang3
    • d) Mo Chit

  8. The Isles of Scilly are an archipelago 28 miles of the coast of Cornwall, but which of the following are NOT inhabited?
    • a) St Mary's
    • b) Tresco
    • c) St Martins
    • d) Annet4


  9. Which day of the week takes its name from the Norse goddess of married love?
    • a) Monday
    • b) Wednesday
    • c) Thing - er, Thursday,
    • d) Friday5

  10. The famous Icehotel can be found 200km north of the Arctic circle, in Jukkasjärvi, Sweden. But what does Jukkasjärvi mean?
    • a) 'Homeland'
    • b) 'meeting place'
    • c) 'The place where the sun descends swiftly like a burning silver plate, dipping down behind the Jukkas mountains and plunging the land into darkness like the cold heart of the lone wolf'
    • d) 'Warm welcome'

  11. When the Queen Mother (lawd bless her) died earlier this year, her Coronation crown was displayed alongside her. The largest and most important jewel in this crown is the priceless Koh-i-noor Diamond, which had been presented to Queen Victoria by Lord Dalhousie in June 1850. But how many carats does it weigh?
    • a) 793 carats
    • b) 186 carats
    • c) 109 carats
    • d) 102 carats

  12. The Roman Catholic Order of Carthusian monks and nuns was founded in the 11th Century by which saint?
    • a) St Carthus
    • b) St Bruno
    • c) St Columba
    • d) St Bede


  13. Before they settled on 'Monty Python's Flying Circus, John Cleese, Eric idle and the others considered a number of different titles for the project: Which of the following were NOT genuinely considered titles?
    • a) 'Owl Stretching Time'
    • b) 'A Horse, a Spoon and a Basin'
    • c) 'Bunn, Wackett, Buzzard, Stubble and Boot'
    • d) 'Zen and the Art of Trifle Maintenance'.

  14. The theory of the Aquatic Ape - an argument in support of evolution - was first postulated by a British scientist in 1960, but what was his name?
    • a) Arthur Madely
    • b) Andrew Harvey
    • c) Anthony Pavel
    • d) Alister Hardy

  15. The Potala Palace in Tibet is:
    • a) The winter home of the Dalai Lamas
    • b) The home of a statue of the Lord Buddha as an eight-year-old boy.
    • c) The summer residence of the Dalai Lamas.
    • d) Another name for 'The People's Pleasure Park'

  16. Who won the first ever football World Cup?
    • a) Uruguay
    • b) Argentina
    • c) Brazil
    • d) Italy
    • Bonus point: What was the score?



    The blobs on the back page appear on the Personal Spaces of members of the editorial and Community teams, otherwise known as THE ITALICS. We want you to tell us which blob appears on whose page?:

  17. Picture One
    • a) Anna
    • b) Sam
    • c) Mina
    • d) Abi

  18. Picture Two
    • a) Sam
    • b) Mina
    • c) Ashley
    • d) Jim

  19. Picture Three
    • a) Ashley
    • b) Sam
    • c) Jim
    • d) Abi


  20. Which of these were *not* set up by Greebo T Cat?
    • a) The Wall
    • b) Smiley Racing
    • c) The Crossed Purposes
    • d) Web bug Racing

  21. Who started the following conversation - The Return of 'What Music Are You Listening To At This Precise Moment?'
    • a) Abi
    • b) Big Mad Mr T
    • c) Mr Pink Paisley
    • d) Zantic

  22. Who was the second person to post in the following conversation - Making a chicken curry?
    • a) FatKelli
    • b) Old Uncle Zarniwoop
    • c) Fred Smith
    • d) Tefkat

  23. Who originally set up the h2g2 Campsite?
    • a) Abi
    • b) Orcus
    • c) Caerwynn
    • d) Frankie Roberto

  24. Which Researcher was confused about cousins?
    • a) Master B
    • b) Fred Smith
    • c) Cloviscat
    • d) Galaxy Babe


h2g2 was launched in 1999 - but in which MONTH?
April - 28th April 1999

Compiled by Jimster and Abi, coding by shazzPRME

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1This is a vehicle.2Chicken Fried Rice!3The local name for a foreigner.4Annet is now a bird sanctuary5Friia or Frigg.

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