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The Top Twenty Most Prolific Researchers of Edited

People keep writing articles and the list keeps getting longer. But even in the top of the charts there have been some changes. Hoovooloo and Jimster have reached the dizzy eights at the top of the charts. After a spell of lonliness Demon Drawer has surged past everyone except Jimi X. Others have been seen praying that Fashion Cat will return from Berlin soon so they will be left with something left to write.

So here just to keep you updated is the list of the top twenty five researchers, by number of solo contributions to the edited guide. List updated to include entries for the 31 July 2002.

1 Jimi X 79
2 Demon Drawer, ACE, Guru 59
3 Bluebottle55
4 Just zis Guy, you know? 54
5 Gnomon51
6 LÒÒnytunes 41
7 Richard35
8 Ashley34
9 J\'au-æmne, Princess of Darkness 31
10 The Apprentice - or just plain30
11= Mina128
11= ffmike28
13 Mark Moxon27
14= Old writing team25
14= Hoovooloo25
16 Mike A (snowblind)24
17 Peta23
18 Mikey the Humming Mouse - the 22
19 Witty Ditty: Come visit the Bo20
20= Jimster19
20= Colonel Sellers - Activist for19
20= Is mise Duncan19
20= Hell19
25= Stephen P.18
25= Dr E Vibenstein, ACE/Guru (Doc18
25= Administrator-General (5+0+9)*18
25= Sue18

There is full list of everyones entries in progress here so pop by and see who is writing stuff for the guide.

Demon Drawer

08.08.02 Front Page

Back Issue Page

1 Now an Italic but formerly U94986 and for a brief spell the italic known as Linda.

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