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I Want A Pet

I want a pet, I want one NOW

Something with horns, like a nice Jersey Cow

But maybe that's too big, I'd settle for a Hog

Or something smaller, like a bright green, Tree Frog

I think bigger is better, so what about a Whale

No, come to think of it a Slug with a house, yes a Snail

Oh I know, perhaps a Tiger is just right for me

Unless I can sit and cuddle a cute buzzing Bee

How about letting me have a wonderful furred Cat

Or something with wings, like a silent little Bat

Yes wings are a good thing; a Parrot is what I desire

No I have changed my mind, a large Horse, yes a shire

Maybe something scary, a great Spider with eight legs

Or maybe obedience in a Dog that sits up and begs

Dinosaurs would be nice, like from Jurassic Park

A modernish slant would be a powerful Great White Shark

Yes, a pet from the water, like a Fish or a Crab

A Jellyfish would be nice, but it looks just to drab

Give me a Stick Insect disguised as a tree

Or maybe a slow moving Sloth would fit me to a tee

I want a pet, anything will do

I'll even take something not wanted at the zoo

So get me one NOW, or I'll start to stamp my feet and scream

Oh alright then, I'll settle for some chocolate ice cream

smiley - magicsmiley - biggrinsmiley - magicsmiley - biggrinsmiley - magic

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