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Date Subject
09.10.08 Tackling a Tricky Task
30.11.09 Anatomy of a Failed Invention
25.01.10 In Living memory: Pre 1960s
01.02.10 In Living Memory: The 1960s
08.02.10 In Living Memory: Post 1960s
15.02.10 In Living Memory: Part Four
07.06.10 One Man's Woodcraft: Fun Day Challenge
20.09.10 One Man's Woodcraft: The Lathe
04.10.10 One Man's Woodcraft: Musings on Craft
11.10.10 One Man's Woodcraft: The Lathe Part II
25.10.10 One Man's Woodcraft: Musings on Pricing your Time
08.11.10 A Little Rough Driving
15.11.10 Musings on calculating your costs
22.11.10 Musings on Coordination
13.12.10 One Man's Woodcraft: Tools
21.03.11 Post 'Quake Break' (NZ)
25.04.11 Iron Ridge Sculpture Park
09.05.11 Weka Pass A428 at Half Eleven
09.05.11 River Murray Expedition, May 8th - 15th 2011
30.05.11 Weka Pass A428 at Half Eleven
27.06.11 Jet Engine Maintenance
08.08.11 A Trip to Hurunui Village
28.11.11 The Street of a Thousand Answers
28.11.11 Zastar Awards
19.12.11 Christmas in Kiwiland
09.01.12 Graduation
16.01.12 Earthquakes and Footy Shirts
30.01.12 Rod's Ramblings: The Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy
06.02.12 Rod's Ramblings: The Treaty of Waitangi
13.02.12 Not Entirely Unscathed
05.03.12 Tiki-Tour of Lower South Island, NZ
19.03.12 Tiki-Tour Part 2: Mount Cook and Tasman Glacier
26.03.12 Tiki-Tour Part 3: Lake Te Anau
02.04.12 Tiki-Tour Part 4: Manapouri Power Station
09.04.12 Tiki-Tour Part 5: Clyde
16.04.12 Tiki-Tour Part 6: Oamaru and Home
14.05.12 The Tenantry Column: The Quiz
14.05.12 The Tenantry Column: The Solution
28.05.12 Woodcraft
18.06.12 (Pushing the) Envelope
25.06.12 An Other Place
25.06.12 If Music Be the Food of Lurve
27.08.12 The Olympics: A Slightly Different View
08.10.12 Tea or Coffee?
15.10.12 Out and About: Signs of the Times
29.10.12 h2g2 Rubaiyat
05.11.12 h2g2 Rubaiyat: Verse Two
12.11.12 h2g2 Rubaiyat: Verse Three
19.11.12 h2g2 Rubaiyat: Verse Four
26.11.12 h2g2 Rubaiyat: Verse Five
03.12.12 The Apopoplex is A-Coming
10.12.12 h2g2 Rubaiyat: Verse Six
17.12.12 A vision of the future
31.12.12 Untitled Poem
07.01.13 h2g2 Rubaiyat: Verse Seven
14.01.13 h2g2 Rubaiyat: Verse Eight
04.02.13 Djinn
18.02.13 Magoda
25.02.13 Gullible Warning
04.03.13 Feed the Inner Man
11.03.13 Earthquake: Two Years Later
18.03.13 Quantifying Life's Goodies
25.03.13 Driven to the End
01.04.13 Other Than Just Years
05.08.13 Phonetic Alphabet
23.09.13 One Man's Woodcraft: Carving
07.10.13 Green Man: First Cuts
14.10.13 Green Man: Part 3
21.10.13 Green Man: Part 4
28.10.13 Green Man: Part 5
04.11.13 Sanding and Sharpening, Part 1
11.11.13 Sanding and Sharpening, Part 2
18.11.13 Sanding and Sharpening, Part 3
02.12.13 Green Man: Part 6
09.12.13 Green Man: Part 7
16.12.13 Green Man: Part 8
23.12.13 Green Man: Part 9
30.12.13 Green Man: Part 10
06.01.14 Green Man: Part 11
13.01.14 Green Man: Part 12
20.01.14 Green Man: Part 13
27.01.14 Green Man: Part 14
03.02.14 Green Man: Part 15
10.02.14 Green Man: Part 16
17.02.14 Green Man: Part 17
24.02.14 Sharpness: Part 1
03.03.14 Sharpness: Part 2
10.03.14 Green Man: Part 18
17.03.14 Watching the Sun
24.03.14 Green Man:Part 19
31.03.14 Green Man:Part 20
26.05.14 Green Man:Part 21
09.06.14 One Man's Woodcraft Special: J's Carvings
27.10.14 On My Street
10.11.14 My little Wooden Hut - a Prelude
22.12.14 Other Perspectives
29.12.14 What's the Value of Books?
26.01.15 What's the Value of Books? Part 2

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