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A while ago, while we were still in transition, Rod told us that he'd love to award a badge in recognition to all those who helped save h2g2. Below are his thoughts on the topic. A heartfelt 'thank you' from the Post Team for this sweet idea.

Zastar - Lifetime Awards

Some time ago, some of you may remember that, in reply to a prompt by me, Bel added 'Zastar' to her name for a while. That was a bit of silliness on my part – silliness, but with some underlying heartfeltedness – she being the editor and the one I was in contact with for The Post and therefore at the front of my front line.


Since the BBC told us "On Yer Bike!" we've found that Bel (plus a few others) is useful (Isobel necessary on a bike? Ho ho ho).

So, having trekked the deserts, negotiated the rapids and climbed the peaks we find ourselves here. Snug and comfy in our new home, perhaps feeling somewhat self-satisfied – smug, even, about it all and looking forward to more tweaks and features. Looking forward to fulfilling our potential as a power in the earth, for literacy.

Us I say, We I say.

Let us not, however, forget the dream of our founder and the efforts of those who brought it about.

Enough I say, enough! Let us not descend into that sickly sentimentality that no-one appreciates but the subjects. To the point:

Now I don't know the names of all the people involved – owners, committees, movers, shakers, sweepers, potwashers – there was so much happening that it was all too much for this boy of very little brain, and a little help will be needed (also, mayhap, a badge for their Personal Spaces?).

Upon you – all those of us who were instrumental in the process of getting us here from there – lose it or use it after your name as you will, I hereby bestow:

The Zastar Award, Life Membership.

I was awarded a Zastar

(you've earned it)...

Your everlovin' ever grateful


Go here for a list of all involved1.

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