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H4g4 Would do nicely

Last night I dreamed an answer to a little perennial problem that, in the cold light of a winter's moaning, didn't seem so clever after all.

What's it about? Hint: Alpha, Bravo, Charlie...

But let's not forget: Orses, Mutton, Yourself. The (or at least an ) alternative - the Cockney version, or maybe it's the Scouser version, or the Geordie, or the Jock, or even the Noo Yoik... Maybe everyone has one?

I'm stuck on a few, hence the title (some of these are rather dated) and it goes something like this:

  • A for 'orses
  • B for mutton
  • C for yourself
  • D for dumb
  • E for brick
  • F for vescent
  • G for half a horse
  • ? - - H for G4
  • I for Novello
  • J for oranges
  • K for cavern
  • L for leather
  • M for size
  • N for lope
  • O for gorsake
  • P for relief
  • Q for the pictures
  • R for Askey
  • S for Williams
  • T for two
  • U for me
  • V for La France
  • W for a dog
  • ? - - X for
  • Y for husband
  • Z for breezes

Can you suggest a few for the blanks – or provide alternatives?

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