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Like all proper gang hideouts, the Shack of course has an oath of loyalty. You aren't obliged to swear it, of course, but the alternative is a non-stop programme of watching of Saint Tail, or something equally kawaii1.

Why an Anime and Manga Shack?

You can blame the community. It was Ryogasoul who posted in Ask H2G2, so really it's his fault. As the conversation progressed, it became obvious that there were a large number of anime and manga fans out there, who had no central point where they could hang out, and most importantly, talk about their hobby. For those of you that have stumbled in by accident, welcome, pull up a seat, and why not read the Guide's own Official Entry on the subject, which will give you a good idea of what goes this strange and wonderful stuff called Anime and Manga is all about.

If some of the terminology seems somewhat strange and odd, then why not try this (unedited) Glossary of Anime and Manga terms?

Other Stuff in the Guide

Researchers for the guide have been busy indeed spreading the word about different series and different aspects of life in the Anime and Manga Universe. There are already guide entries on;

Whilst Digimon and FFVII are a bit peripheral to our main concerns here, it seems a little churlish to exclude them.

Things not in the Edited Guide

There are a number of interesting pieces around the guide that haven't found their way into the edited guide for one reason or another, but that doesn't make them any less interesting. During a short search, I found articles on the following;

Anime, what do you think it is?, a rather personal view of anime and manga, as well as pieces on the rather interesting subject of Transformations as well as that oft asked question in Anime, Where do you keep that Mallet?

I also found pieces on that perennial fan-favourite, Ranma, as well as three of my personal favourites- Alita, Yamato and Neon Genesis Evangelion.

As well as all this, I found entries on the strange and scary Serial Experiment: Lain and the bizarre but hilarious Child's Toy. Finally, there's a piece on the hugely successful Dragonball. It seems that the authors may no longer be using the site, but I shall track them all down and invite them along here.

So, what's it for?

This shack is for hanging out and talking about Anime and Manga. Whether you want to talk to fellow fans about your favourite examples of each, or try and find some new titles to watch and/or read, you can do it here!

Maybe you've heard about Anime and Manga and just don't know where to find out about these things-well, ask away. Fans are always ready and happy to share their enthusiasm, so don't be shy now.

Roll of Honour

1 Kawaii (noun) insufferably cute. Often applied to small children, cuddly animals, and in some cases, giant robots.

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