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Folk who I know around these parts

Some of the people who I have come across in my travels around the site. Friends? Well some I guess. Some are people who's writing made me think about stuff.

If you think you should be added to the list (or indeed if you want to be removed smiley - yikes). Then drop us a line below and I'll do the necessaries smiley - ok

Folk I've Met In Real Life

You don't just meet people in cyberspace. You meet them elsewhere like h2g2 meets and, in one bizarre case, the West Hove branch of Sainsburys!

Researchers I've Met In Real Life2Legsa girl called BenAcidbathAgapanthusAlfredo MarquezAmy the AntBald BlokeBagpussBassmanBig Mad Mr. TBluebottleBlues SharkBosselBruceCaerwynnCandi NookCaptain SpankMunkiClive The Flying OstrichCoelacanthCrozCr0wleyDas Mouldy SandwichDoctorGonzoDoctorMODr St JustinDragonflyEgonEkki Ekki Ekki...erisFords_Prefect(The) FishFrankie RobertoGenieGnomonGreat Western LettuceGTBacchusHoovoolooIanGJ'au-æmneJack NaplesJamieJonathan.ACEjulyflowerKerravonKiltedjediLifson KofieLighthousegirlUKlooseheadLost In ScotlandLuckystarMaster BMeetSheepMenzaMetal ChickenMing MangMunchkinMycroftNexusSevenNoggin the NogNumber SixOrmondroydOttoxParrferrisPasteyPegasusPhilPierce the PiratePolidari WormwoodPotholerRachieDReddyfreddyRipper, the almostRosemarySt Emily UltramarineSargeant MushroomSerephinaShazzPRMESkankyrichSolnushkaStrangelittlegirlsunnySwivThe Guy with the Brown HatTIMELORDTitaniaToccataTontoTubeUmUncle HeavyVIP (Princess)vogonpoetWhiskyWitty DittyWumbeevilZZanticZarquon's Singing FishZizwai

1The generic name for a fan of Sheffield Wednesday Football Clubsmiley - winkeye

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