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Rose  by DoctorMO

I am Sad, Mad or Bad AKA smiley - blue, smiley - steam, or smiley - devil AKA Princess Buttercup of the Octagonal Table, patron saint of introspection smiley - angel, keeper of kindergarten cartoon superheroes smiley - chick, and muse of bad poetry.

I lurk around h2g2 in various guises: I am the Fearsome Phantom smiley - ghost in the Kingdom of Balwyniti, Poetry Woman -- defender of truth and justice, and member of C.H.O.P.P.E.R.S., and Buffy mouse (squeak!) of the h2g2mice. smiley - rose

In light of the terrible tragedy currently faced by the U.S., and the courage and generosity shown by its citizens, I am even more proud than ever to have been made an honorary citizen of Noo Yawk by the wonderful Shea the Sarcastic. smiley - biggrin

UnOfficial h2g2 Lurker

Badge curtesy of Ottox

My Projects

Mostly, however, I think up silly ways to waste...uh I mean spend smiley - winkeye lots and lots of time. My projects include: the Ladies of the Octagonal Table the Haiku Challenge, Word Gymnastics, Dream Interpretation, and this rather silly (and utterly pointless) poll I created. See the results here.

smiley - rose

My friend Inanna lives over the other side of the world, but through the magic smiley - magic of cyberspace I get to spend lots of time with her here! She's an absolutely wonderful person -- smart, kind, and really silly smiley - silly, and has written heaps of wonderful guide entries.

Ottox gave me this! -->smiley - cheerup

Shea gave me this! --> smiley - rose
Bob gave me this! --> smiley - smooch

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